Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break recap

Spring break is now over... and Chico and I are sad. :(
(Excuse my makeupless face and 2nd day hair...)

Since this was my first spring break since 2004 I feel like I must recap it. Hard to believe my last spring break was in 2004... that's just crazy. And makes me feel very old. And it kinda gives me butterflies. Anyway, I digress.

Here is the list of what I planned on doing... I did 2 of the 10 things I had put on my to-do list.

1. I tried the new Thai place downtown. Two big thumbs up.

2. I worked on semester long projects. Finished one, turned it in and already got my grade back. (I got an A! Woot, woot!)

Now, before you shake your head at my laziness, listen to what else I did instead of the other 8 things on my list!

  • Blogged every day! That's an accomplishment for me. Hopefully I can keep up this habit because I really do love it.
  • Attended a Jodi Picoult reading in Minneapolis, spent time with a good friend there, and met another blogger friend :)
  • Took a road trip to Omaha to see the bizarre, but fantastic Lady Gaga!
  • Organized my bookshelf. I didn't make a huge improvement, because I NEED another sehlf, but I took it from this: to this:
  • Deep cleaned my bathroom (so much for the car). My bathroom needed it bad, though! Look how sparkly clean it is!
  • Spent some quality time with "the boys", Chico and Zeke. They were going to get a bath until I found out they were spending time out in the country at my grandma's house. Then I postponed the bath. ;)
  • Made my first stir-fry and it turned into a big mix of every vegetable I could find in my apartment and it turned out yummmmy. Although, my rice cooking skills can use some work.
  • Did a lot of reading, I finished The Pioneer Woman's book and read Skipping a Beat by Sarah Pekkanen and also read quite a bit of Delirium by Lauren Oliver (which is supposed to be my you-can-only-read-this-book-while-busting-a-move-at-the-gym-book but after busting a move at the gym one day I just couldn't stop reading once I got home. :/
  • Played A LOT of Words with Friends. Are you on there? If so my name is AmberWDM. Play a game with me. :)
  • Got lots of R & R. I am now fully rested and am ready for the craziness that spring no doubt holds for me. (why does the end of the semester have to be so nuts?)
I'm glad I didn't take one big trip and took two small road trips. It gave me some time to really relax and get ready for what I know is going to be a busy few months.

Although, we do have a trip coming up in April... hopefully. My sister, me and one of my best friends are planning a road trip to... NIAGRA FALLS! I have wanted to see it for a really long time, so my fingers are crossed we can make that one a reality! It's only 14 hours away, which was so shocking to me. The last leg of the drive is along Lake Erie and I have heard it is gorgeous. I cannot wait!

What is your favorite Spring Break memory?


Mandy said...

Your book shelf looks fabulous. I really need to do some deep cleaning. Roadtrips make my life and your trip to Niagra Falls will be fabulous. Lake Eris is gorgeous. I spent so many summers there as a child.

p S h A o R t A o said...

Oh my goodness, you have a lot of books. I just got rid of a bunch since I don't like the idea of them just sitting there after being read once. So I usually donate them or take them to half price and others can enjoy them too!

Niagara Falls is gorgeous! Make sure you go to the Canadian side if you can, it's so much better. I've been there a few times since it was only an hour and half from where I was living for five years. Be sure to do the Maiden Mist too, it's worth it as a one time check off the list kind of thing. =)

Erica said...

Did you like PW's book? And are you working on your Master's?

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

You got a lot done more than I usually do in a week! Thank goodness, I'm glad to see i'm not the only one who has an overflowing bookshelf!

Shoshanah said...

The only real spring break trip I took was senior year of college. We road trip down to the Florida keys and had a fairly low key break. Yes we did still drink at night, but the majority of the day was spent laying out on the beach instead of partying, which is definitely the type of trip I'd prefer

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

A road trip to Niagara Falls? That's awesome!! Sounds like you had an awesome spring break! I am glad that I got to see you during your time off!

My favorite spring break memory is either a trip I took to London when I was a sophmore in college or my trip to New Zealand over spring break when I was in Australia (which was actually fall break there since their seasons are the opposite of ours)...

Lesli said...

Shut up! You look CUTE without makeup!