Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

It has been awhile since I've done a TOT! Well, it's back! Thank you Chelsea for hosting!

1. Do you do laundry all at the same time or a load here and there?
I usually do it all at the same time. In fact, I really need to do laundry now. It's overflowing onto the bathroom floor, but I hate doing laundry. Hate it.

2. What kind of detergent do you use?
Usually Tide.

3. Do you use fabric softener?
Always! We are obsessed with the Downey ball. It makes your clothes smell soooo good!

4. Do you use dryer sheets?

5. Do you iron your own clothes or take them to a cleaner to get pressed?
Neither. I despise ironing. I know I own an iron but I have no idea where it is and I do not own an ironing board.

6. Do you like heavy starch or light starch?
I don't use either...

7. Do you wash all your laundry at once or separate it?
Uhh, definitely separate! Can't have any dingy looking whites!

8. How do you separate it? By people or by colors?
We all do our own laundry here... ;) So, just by colors for my own.

9. What clothes get hung up and what goes in drawers?
T-shirts and lounge pants and shorts get folded into drawers. Jeans get folded into my closet shelf and everything else gets hung.

10. Do you use plastic, wire, or wooden hangers? Do they all match?
They're all plastic and wire and no, they do not match!! That takes too much work and is a ridiculous waste of money if you ask me.

I was sort of hoping that this questionnaire would make me want to get up and do my laundry...

It didn't.

Still hate laundry.

What chore do you hate most?


Kara said...

Haha, I hate doing laundry too! Or cleaning the bathrooms. It's a tough toss up!

Lesli said...

Laundry is right up there with scooping out the litterboxes. At least, laundry smells good! I use the Gain Apple Mango Tango - I love that fragrance.

Mandy said...

Ugh, I'm definitely not a fan of laundry either. I dont mind doing it, its the putting it away part that I struggle with.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I kind of enjoy laundry... and ironing. I am weird like that! My least fave chore is prob emptying the dish washer!

trooppetrie said...

I hate laundry, My kids wash and dry it, I fold it and they put it away, can you guess wich part is never done