Saturday, August 27, 2011

S & S Stacks, v2

The first book I read by Caprice Crane was Stupid and Contagious. I absolutely loved it (although, it was a lot of fluff!) but did not get a chance to pick up another one of her books until now. With a Little Luck recently came out and I put my hold on it at the library quite a while ago so I am pretty sure I was the first to check it out.

This book is about Berry, a girl that is completely obsessed with superstitions and luck. Her father is the same way and has a gambling addiction. Berry is a DJ on a popular rock radio station and loves music. The building her station is housed in also contains several other radio stations, and this is where she meets fellow DJ Ryan Riley.

Berry and Ryan hit it off right away, but... Ryan is the third guy in a string of bad relationships Berry has had, so before the relationship even begins Berry is sure it will fail. He is the third guy and everything happens in three's, right?! Well, according to Berry it does.

Caprice Crane has a very witty writing style and I absolutely adore it, but I think she is much better at writing for the big and small screen. She has written for several popular television shows such as 90210, and I thought this book would have been better suited on the big screen. Reading all of Berry's irrational superstitions got really annoying and seemed inappropriate for her age. Her desire to take care of her father was charming, but at the same time extremely disappointing and sad.

Read this book for the wit and humor, but don't say I didn't tell you so when the plot starts to get on your nerves!


Ashley said...

How funny! Peter knows Caprice!

Shoshanah said...

I've never read anything by Caprice Crane. But I'm guessing if I try her out, I should probably start with Stupid and Contagious.