Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunday Stroll with Lexi

Hello ladies and gents! How was your weekend? Good, I hope!

Mine was pretty low-key and I loved it. This past weekend was "Tax-Free Shopping" here in Des Moines for back to school and the entire weekend I couldn't stop thinking about happy I am now that my weekends belong to ME. I do not have a boss dictating when and where I have to be somewhere and it feels amazing. Last summer I only had one weekend off a month and after seven years of that, I had finally had enough.

Now, even though I hold two jobs, I have complete and utter control over the schedule on both of them. For the non-profit I am 100% on call, so as long as I can say, "no" I do not have to work. For substitute teaching if I cannot work that day, I do not work. Simple as that.

Anyway. I am feeling all kinds of happiness about that fact. Blissful, even.

Sooooo...This post was supposed to be silent and all pictures of Lexi and I's walk on Sunday, but clearly I cannot shut up. :/

Lexi and I took a wonderful walk and I snapped about fifty pictures. Yes, fifty.

Lucky for you, I'm not going to share them all. Some of them have to be shared though, they are just too cute. :)

PS: They're crappy iPhone pictures so some of the quality is not the greatest.

Ok, I'll shut up now.

Can you spot the butterfly?

Can I talk now?



Hope you enjoyed this Sunday stroll with Lexi! All of these pictures were taken within one block of where I live... and no, I do not live on a farm. I live near several though! ;)

What was the highlight of your weekend?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

A Sunday stroll sounds lovely! I have been doing more walks through my neighborhood, too, and it's just a nice thing to do each day.

Yea for having more control over your schedule and not working every dang weekend. That is huge! :)

Did you know clothes are always tax free here in MN? :) I thought maybe they would get rid of that when we had an unbalanced budget that caused a govt shut down, but nope, that was never on the table as a revenue increaser surprisingly. Which i guess is good for me as a shopper. :)

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

After reading your blog for so long I can literally FEEL the happiness you have lately through your posts. It's fabulous. Can't wait to see you and chat about life in just a few weeks!!!!!

Your walk with Lexi looks so fun!! I love nice strolls like that, can't wait till I have a dog to take along too :)

Lesli said...

Where's Zeke??!!