Thursday, August 4, 2011

Stopping to smell the roses

Everyone should have something in life that makes them stop and really enjoy life. Do you know what I mean? Not something obvious like your children, husband or your passions, but something out of the blue. Something random. Something that makes you stop in your tracks and go, "Ahhh, life is good!"

Do you ever stop to really think about the little things in life that we take for granted as we are hurrying from one place to another? Most of the time I am in this massive hurry... for ... what? I don't know! Why am I rushing? I'm always rushing! Even when I don't have to.

During the past couple weeks as I have been working with the clients in my homes from the non-profit agency I have had a chance to really take note of what they look forward to each day and what their days consist of. Most of the things they look forward to are things that the average person takes for granted.

Activities like, going to the library. Going to the flea market to look at antiques. Buying a new shelf for their bedroom. Getting a manicure and a pedicure. Making a trip to the used bookstore. Weekly grocery shopping. Watching The Price is Right. Eating french fries. And ice cream. Having money and spending how you please. Calling a friend and going to a movie.

I know these are things that we as bloggers take note of because.. well, we chronicle our daily lives and notice this stuff. I don't believe the average person does.

This week I took a middle aged woman to get her very first pedicure. She probably shouldn't have spent almost all of her spending money on a pedicure, but it was her choice and you know what? It made her so happy. She was grinning ear to ear and as I caught her multiple times this evening staring at the flowers on her big toenails I knew it was right to let her do that. Honestly? I couldn't stop her. It's her money!

I don't think I have ever seen a woman her age that smile that much and it was such a rewarding feeling! She had such a good night and I am so happy that she enjoyed herself so much! It makes all the tough times so worth it!

What recently has made you stop and really love life?


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Sometimes little things just hit me and I think that I'm so GRATEFUL for the life I have! You're right, we take so much for granted.

So glad to see your enjoying your job so much and that it's so fulfilling :)

Suz said...

That is soooo SWEET!

Lately I've loved listening to One Republic's "Good Life" song because when you really stop and think about it, it really is a good life.

Little things that make me happy- just being with my friends, watching my favorite TV shows, when my dog looks so happy it almost looks like he's smiling at me!

Lesli said...

This was a great post! I am going to think of some little things that make me happy and blog--yes, shockingly, blog!

Jenny Georgio-who said...

What a sweet post. I'm happy to come back from a long blogging/reading blogs break to read something sweet like this.

I know I bitch about my father in law all the time because, well, he's annoying but last night I called him and let him talk to Demi for a while and although I couldn't see him I KNEW he was soooooo happy that I called him and let the baby just mumbled random things at him. I should do it more often considering I call my parents 5x a day so they can talk to her.

Love the post. Hate the toes. I HATE any and all toes!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is great that this job makes you appreciate the little things in life so much more! That is so cute that she was so excited about her pedicure!

I feel like moving has made me stop and smell the roses way more. I savor my walks across the bridge to the St Anthony Main area. I treasures my walks and bike rides to work. I have moments where I think - 'no, this couldn't possibly actually be my life'. In a good way. :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It's definitely the little things in life that make everything worth it!

Becky said...

I'm all about living for life's little moments. This post reminds me a lot of the perspective I have when I meet with my adult literacy student. When we first started meeting it was some of his goals that really helped my perspective. Like being able to write a check, or read a prescription bottle - things I take for granted and with my help he could do!