Friday, September 9, 2011

Yesterday play-by-play

Yesterday was a crazy, crazy day.

I just have to recap this day.

5am - woke up to one of the three school districts calling me to sub. I missed the call/accidentally hung up on them.

5:05am - decided to stay awake and wait for another call.

5:45am - still awake, waiting for another "call" and frantically refreshing the web page for all three school districts in hopes for a job.

5:50am - a job in West Des Moines becomes available, but I cannot accept it because it is being offered to someone else. Arrrgh!

5:55am - riiiiiiing, riiiiiiiiing!! WDM calling with that particular job. I click YES! right away.

6:05am - on the phone with the teacher of that class (who has food poisoning !!) and she is explaining the directions for the day

7:10am - arrive at the school and review lesson for the day. (My first sub assignment of the 2011-12 school year! Squeal!!!)

9:45am - Homeroom (called Tiger Time in this district!) and two periods down, time to head off to lunch/planning and to another middle school across town. (This teacher spends half her day in one school and the other half in another.

11am - Grab a salad bar lunch at Hy-Vee and get a little reading done for class tonight.

12pm - arrive at second school. Teach 5th, 6th and 7th period until 2:35pm.

2:45pm - skip out the door and straight to DSW. My feet hurt and I want some ballet flats that I have been eyeing and knew was on sale!

3:00pm - buy the flats. Immediately change into them. Ahhhhh, relief. I hadn't worn my closed toed "teaching shoes" in months. My feet were screamin'!

3:15pm - head to the mall (ahhh! The horror!) to use a VS free panty card that expires soon. I let the one before that expire and was ticked at myself).

3:20pm - innocently walk into Fossil to drool over a purse that I have been spying for, what feels like, forever.

3:30pm - walk out with a ridiculously priced, but adorable new bag. I'm seriously in love with this purse. The picture below does not do it justice. It's awesome. (Of course I can't find it online to show you more appropriate pictures!)
3:35pm - decide to run home to grab flip flops because, those new flats I bought? They're killing my heals and rubbing them raw.

4:00pm - pick up one of my bff's and head to Drake for class

8:30pm- get out of class, pick up my friend, book it to Jimmy John's, we're both staarrrrving!

9pm- head next door to Target to do some shopping for necessities!

9:30pm- slip and fall on some invisible water on the floor

30 seconds later - still sitting on the floor in shock, friend looking back going, "wtf?!"

9:31pm - random drunk dude comes running up, "I saw the whole thing! Are you okay?!"

9:35pm- check out behind random drunk dude that is buying more beer and going on and on about how funny my fall was!

9:37pm - drunk dude comes back to my buy more beer, this time with a friend! Oh, and he teases me a bit more and laughs about how funny my fall was.

9:40pm - load groceries into the car, head home.

9:50pm - stop to get mail. Notice a missing cat flier by our mailboxes and realize that it's for the cat that I noticed yesterday and fed by our apartment building.

9:55pm- drag groceries and bags up to my apartment, grab two of the dogs to go for a walk and look for the missing cat.

10:10pm- still walking around looking for cat. Called number on flier to see if they found her.

10:15pm - walking back to my building crying and blubbering like a baby because the cat is still gone and she is declawed.

10:20pm - still crying because I'm imagining Libby getting lost and/or not being able to defend herself. Thank goodness she is not declawed. (I don't believe in doing that).

How was your Thursday?!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow... that was a long day... I got up at 5:30, went to work at 6:30, worked until 2 and then headed to a work event in the suburbs. The work event lasted until 8ish so after that I came home, packed for my trip to visit Nora, and crashed around 9:30!

I hate breaking in shoes. i had to do that with a pair of flats I bought a couple of weeks ago! I had to wear band aids along my heel the first 3-4 times i wore them!

Jenny Georgio-who said...

I'm sorry that I laughed at your fall. Falling is a horrible thing to do with me around. Seriously. I just laugh and laugh.

You were at the Hy-Vee? Did you notice a tradeshow going on? The company I work for is exhibiting at that location Sept 9th thru 11th.

Amber said...

Whoa! What a day!!

What do you mean you CLICKED yes when the call came in for subbing?

So sad about the cat - any news? That is why I didn't get Webster declawed. He is strictly an inside cat but if by chance he ever escapes I would want him to be able to defend himself against predators!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Man! That's a day! It sounds like you were going non stop till bed time. Some days those are just exhausting!