Wednesday, September 18, 2013

An overdue update....

Well, hello there! 

Remember me? It's only been... ummmm, almost 2 months since I last posted, but who's counting?! Ha!

I know this is hardly unexpected, but this post will be the classic bullet style. You're welcome. ;)

  • School is awesome! I love my kids. I love my team. I love my school. I love my district. I love my parents... are you gagging yet? Cause I might be. ;) Seriously though, I feel incredibly blessed and I thank my lucky stars everyday. I can see myself staying at this school for many, many years (many of the teachers that are there, have done just that. One of my colleagues has been there 25 years) and I just feel ... blessed. I cannot think of a better word.
  • On the flip side, school has kept me busier than I have EVER been in my entire life. There is hardly ANY time to get anything done. And, just when you think you have time, something comes up. Every. Single. Time. There has not been a weekend that I have not spent in my room at least some time, but I knew this going into this profession and I was mentally prepared for it. I know next year will probably be easier.
  • So, a little about my "kids" (no, I don't call them kiddos, but I do call them my kids). I have 28 students. Four special ed, 5 ELP (talented and gifted) and everything in between. I have a BUSY class. In fourth grade kids have the option of playing an instrument for the first time and there are kids coming and going A LOT due to this and all of the other services they may receive. It is A LOT to keep track of. 
  • I am trying hard to be TOUGH with them. For example, today they spent 100 seconds of their recess at their desks with their heads down (doesn't sound like much, but any recess missed is enough for them to learn some sort of lesson... lol). Some spent longer because they did not turn in homework. I feel like a mean parent, but I know this is what it takes... It doesn't make it any easier though! I just keep telling myself, it isn't MY choice, so I shouldn't feel bad. 
  • Bill and I are still doing GREAT. He has been my rock this past year and I honestly am afraid of what I would look like without him. A giant stress ball, probably. 
  • I am still running. Miraculously, I have turned into a morning runner. I get up most days around 5am and run or workout. This is my stress reliever and I know my body needs it. I am so glad I was able to nail this habit because it has done so much for me mentally. 
  • In October I am running the Des Moines Half Marathon again and next week I am running Capital Pursuit (10 miles). Sometimes the training stresses me out (especially this week), but I know deep down I would be worse off without it. 
  • This weekend I am moving back into a one bedroom apartment again. For the past three years my sister and I have lived together (and for the past 2, her boyfriend has joined us) and although I have really loved growing closer to my sister (we were not close growing up) I am really ready to live like an adult again. 
  • If you would like to follow my classroom twitter, I would love to have you! @msjohnson4j
  • Well, that's about it! Please update me on your life and hopefully I can make it to your blog soon to say hi! :) 
Miss you all!