Monday, November 12, 2012


Cough, cough...

Oh, hi.

Just checkin' in here to say "hello-I'm-still-here-but-super-busy-so-goodbye-until-next-time"

I have been reading a lot of your posts, but most of the time it's super early in the morning and I have one eye open and I have barely moved and probably couldn't even type out a coherent comment, but I really am commenting in my heart and it is the thought that matters.

(Okay, that was bullshit. Forgive me?)

I am reading your posts though at 6am with one eye open from my phone...

This time around I really did it. I really went overboard with the commitments and I am like a chicken with my head cut off. I love it though. I am at my best when I am insanely busy and I really do enjoy it. There have been some really exciting things going on in my life and I promise when I am back to blogging full force in four weeks (when the semester ends, hallelujah) I will let you in on everything!

In the mean time, I'm still tweeting every so often, still posting on Instagram randomly and updating my Goodreads with my good reads. So, find me there, mmmmkay??!