Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beware: randomosity ahead!

Today was wonderful! Today was my 29th birthday and I'm embracing my last year in my 20s. Big sigh. It's a little sad! We started the day with church at 11am. My church is huge, if you're local, I go to Hope. I usually don't like big churches, but I just love Hope. It's so wonderful! My only complaint is the parking lot! They need people directing traffic in between services! Haha!

After church I met my parents at Chili's for lunch. I have loved that place since I worked there in college! I got the fajitas, which, I got for a reason. I knew I would have leftovers and I really wanted to try and make quesadillas with them for dinner on my new Griddler that I got for Christmas. I did, and they were delicious. Just like the quesadillas at Chili's! :)

After lunch I parted ways with my parents and headed out to run some errands. First up, the mall. I had to make an exchange at Aerie (love that store) and I wanted to run into Sephora to pick up a refill on my favorite Bare Minerals lip gloss and pick up my birthday gift from them! This month (does the gift change every month?) was Philosophy vanilla cake bubble bath/body wash. I was super impressed with the size of the bottle, but the scent was really weak.

After the mall I headed to Best Buy to look into buying a new camera and check out the prices on a remote start for my car. My parents got me a gift card to Best Buy so I could do one of these things, but I know I will end up doing both. I didn't end up buying today, as I am trying NOT to be an impulse buyer and I'm going to do my shopping around to get the best quality and deal on both.

After Best Buy I cleaned my car, it desperately needed it and I am a nerd and enjoy doing stuff like that. Then, I browsed at Half Price Books for a minute. Didn't find anything I had to have. After that I checked out TJ Maxx, but remembered why I don't like that place on the weekends. I would rather go when there was nobody there!

After that I headed home! Then a friend of mine stopped by to show me the car she's test driving for a few days. It's this huge GM Yukon! I cannot believe how big this thing is! It is so funny to see her driving it because she's so tiny and it's so big! It's beautiful though, it's a pearl white and loaded with everything you can think of. I don't want to know how much it is.... :/

I mentioned earlier that I am in the market for a new camera and that is because... I lost my camera. I don't know what happened to it. Last time I remember having it was two Fridays ago when I met some friends out for happy hour. The next morning I remember seeing my camera in my car in between the seat and thinking it must have fallen out of my purse. Now, I can't find it. Even when I cleaned out my car today, which I did in hopes of finding my camera wedged up underneath the seat or something. So.... I'm in the market for a new point and shoot. Any suggestions? A couple years ago I remember seeing a camera that had a screen on the front and the back so when you took pictures of yourself with friends you can see it. I can't find it anywhere though. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Or have any suggestions for a nice, quality, semi cheap point and shoot? (I'm willing to spend around $200-ish. Obvs, anything cheaper is good. But, I want it to last).

Lately, my skin has been rebelling on me. I have used Cetaphil moisturizing cream for about a year now and have loved it. But, lately my face is looking like a high school girls skin! At first I figured it was just normal and this stuff had to "work itself out of my skin" but I am beginning to doubt that. I started using a toner recently to see if that helped and it has, but my face feels so dry! So then I put moisturizer on and literally the next morning I have break outs. I'm going to switch to Oil of Olay, which is usually my summer moisturizer, and see what that does. Maybe the Cetaphil is just too heavy and clogging my pores.

What are your Sundays usually like? What daily skin regimen and products do you use? Do you have advice on a good point and shoot camera? Do you have a remote start on your car? If so, do you LOVE it?!

PS: I warned you. Randomosity. I know. You don't have to answer every question. But, if you do I will be your friend forever! ;) Haha, I'm in third grade...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ignorance sure is bliss.

I don't usually like to blog about this stuff, but you know what? This is my corner of the internet world and I really need this sort of therapy to make me feel better right now.

So, on with it...

Yesterday my good friend S asked me about the possibility of fostering a dog and since my aunt has several foster dogs ALL THE TIME I knew we could easily find S a dog to take care of. So, in the span of about 3 hours we contacted my aunt, located a dog and headed out to the country to pick up the little guy. This is the fun part of my story... Now, on to the not-so-fun part of my story...

We met my aunt at a little restaurant in her small town, sat at the bar and had dinner and four a couple drinks along with some great conversation. My sister got off of work during that time and headed out there as well. So, the four of us were having a great time talking, laughing and sharing stories about our pets. Well, I happened to be talking to my sister, who was to my right, about something when I heard my aunt, who was to my immediate left, talking to my friend who was to my aunt's left about her degree.

I met S in college almost 10 years ago. We both went to ISU where S got a Bachelors of Science in Marketing and I got a Bachelors of Science in Fashion and Business. I heard my aunt asking S about where she went to college and just making small talk. Then I heard her asking what he degree was in, and she goes, and I quote, "You didn't get a degree in merchandising like this one did, did you?" and points towards me. At first I pretended not to hear her, but then I looked over at her and said, "What?" And, my aunt goes, "Your degree is in merchandising, you didn't get a Bachelor's, like S did."

I. was. pissed.

You probably had to be there, because as I go back and read what I wrote it sounds like a simple misunderstanding.

I corrected my aunt and said, "No my degree is a BS, it's the same as S's just a different area of study." She then starts exclaiming how she can't believe that, that degree is a BS and that she doesn't believe me and wants to see my diploma.


Then I was really pissed.

I don't usually get mad, but when I'm mad, I'm REALLY MAD.

I snapped, "Well, then do you want to pay the rest of the $25,000 I have in student loans? Do you REALLY think I went to school for FOUR years and got nothing out of it? Seriously? Also, how could I possibly be working on Master's if I didn't have a Bachelors?"

My sister starts tugging my sleeve to get me to stop talking but I was furious. I wanted to slap my aunt for continuing to challenge me after I explained her error. After a couple minutes though, I just turned my back to her and started ignoring her. I went to pay my tab, but my aunt had picked up the tab for all four of us. Which, only irritated me more. I can pay my own bill.

I know this seems silly, and it probably is, but for years I have felt inadequate. That, because I didn't get a degree in Finance or Business or Marketing or Advertising or any other silly label that I am not as smart. But, I took just as many Marketing/Advertising/Business/Accounting classes that everyone else did. I had the same gen eds as everyone else, my "area of study" was just as business related and required several areas of expertise that have helped me immensely, such as HR, PR, math and accounting, design and marketing principles.

I know a lot of my anger is stemming from my own insecurities, I get it. It has helped to write it out on here though. I knew it would. I was just so hurt, because she was basically making fun of me to MY good friend. It just reminded me of why I don't spend much time with her. She tears others down (her own family!) to make herself feel better. I worked hard for my degree and nobody can take it away, I know that.

I prayed about it last night, which helped a lot, and I'm putting it out on here, which will probably help as well. It's just still hurtful that not even your own family will brag about you like they should. Shouldn't she boast about her family, not tear them down...?

Ugh, do you have any family members that you just can't stand? (Don't we all?)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Breakfast and silly Valley girls

Yesterday on Twitter I was complaining about my endless appetite when I eat breakfast. Whenever I eat a "normal" breakfast, which to me, "normal" is anything more than a slice of bread. So, two slices of bread with peanut butter, a bowl of cereal with milk or a bowl of oatmeal mixed with yogurt. All of these are typical breakfasts for me.

I do not eat breakfast regularly. My schedule is not structured at all and some mornings I'm running around like a mad woman getting ready for the day. On those days, breakfast is the first thing to go. I always, always, always drink coffee (priorities?) but if I don't have time to eat, I don't really mind.

Well, on those days that I don't have time to eat, I have eaten less throughout the day and am not as hungry. I get it, I totally understand how metabolism works. I have a best friend that is a health and fitness freak and I have taken a couple nutrition classes in college. I get it. I totally understand that breakfast is important. Every time I have been on a diet I ate a sensible breakfast.... and I didn't lose weight.

So, I have a new solution. One that I feel will satisfy everyone, including myself.

Lara Bars.

I will eat a Lara Bar every morning for breakfast. They are all around 200 calories, have a decent amount of protein and carbs and are the perfect size for breakfast. Perfect for jump starting my metabolism while still tricking my appetite. It sounds strange and completely in my head (which it is) but it's working.

Last night I remembered that I was completely out of Lara Bars and realizing that HyVee had them on sale for a $1 each, I stopped by on my way home. All I needed was the bars so I hightailed it to the protein bar section and picked out 10 of my favorite flavors. Then, I made it to the front of the store, chose the checker with the shortest line and prepared to head home.

Not so fast... the girl checking me out had to comment. First, I have to describe what she looked like. She was obviously around 16 years old, but her skin was an orangey tan, that slightly resembled an oompa loompas skin and her eyes were rimmed in dark black, cat eye makeup, complete with drawn on eyebrows. It was awful.

She started checking my items (all 10 Lara Bars) and by the third one she goes, "You're buying all these candybars?!" complete with Valley girl accent.

"No, they're not candy bars. They're my breakfast every morning and I'm out," I say, as I force a polite smile.

All the while, I was thinking to myself, shouldn't it be against policy to comment on a person's purchases at a grocery store?

"Oh!" she exclaims. Then after the 4th item she scans, she snaps, "Are these all the same price??" I explain, "Yes, they're a $1 each."

She's still staring at me in confusion. Finally, an older employee stomps over, enters in six more items at a $1. Thank you.

This sort of transaction doesn't really surprise me, I had to train girls this age for six years and there really is only so much you can take. This one was by far the worst. I'm a little disappointed in HyVee for letting a girl like her be at checkout... she should really be somewhere else. Perhaps bagging? If she can keep her trap shut, anyway!

I was laughing to myself as I left the store though, she probably still thinks I was in there just buying candy bars. Oh... I wish. :)

Have you ever had your cashier at a grocery store comment on your purchases? Did it get on your nerves?

PS: In no way was I trying to offend any locals that actually go to Valley High school or went to VHS. Three of my best friends in the world went to Valley and although they look like Valley girls, they in no way, act like it. ;)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Here come the Match stories....

A couple of you have commented on how you're excited for my stories... well, here goes!

I'm trying not to take anything too seriously. Is it just me or do single girls (including myself) see a guy and picture everything down the road. Like, picture the wedding, the kids, the house... everything! I try so hard not to and in trying not to I end up doing it. I feel like I'm crazy and I'm not trying to do it, it just happens!

Friday night I was out with my good friend and her husband. Her husband has become a really close friend of her friends (and I just love it!) and he loves to give us single ladies dating advice. Friday night he lectured me about this bad habit of mine. He says I take everything way too seriously, so my goal this time around is to NOT do that. To just go with the flow!

Well, I have been on too many times to count now. If you include, the first time in South Carolina, I have been on it a total of five separate occasions. Four of those times have been in my hometown. Well, there's this guy whom I am going to nickname SD, who emails me every time I am back on the site. It's usually just a joking email asking me if I was in a relationship and what happened. It's kind of funny. The first few times it happened I just assumed he was a player and just used Match to pick up the girls since he has been on there for so long. Then... I took a moment to step back and realized... umm, he could be thinking the same thing about me! I have been on and off it for almost four years now, maybe I'm the one that doesn't look serious!

Well, we have been emailing a little more than usual this past week and I'm just not sure what to think. He seems like a great guy, but I'm not sure if I'm attracted to him. Plus, he doesn't list what he does for a living on his page. I suppose I could ask...

Anyway, I like how this has started off jokingly and very much like friends. Hopefully it stays that way. Either way, I think he would be a great guy friend and I'm trying very hard to have little to no expectations. Another guy friend would be great, so for now that is my only expectation!

(Although, if it does work out, it would make a great story of how we met, don't ya think?)

How did you and your significant other meet? Do you have a fun story? Did you take it seriously at first, imagining the wedding, house...etc? For you single ladies, am I alone or do you daydream like I do?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shopping with ALPITC!

Someone should take away my debit card and freeze it in a bowl of ice, much like Becky did in the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic.


This morning as I was waking up in my hungover stupor I looked over at my Blackberry, looked past the missed BBM message, text message and missed call and to the email from NY & Company that said starting today through 17th take $50 off a $100 purchase. 50% off? Ok!

Now, I know these coupons are a dime a dozen at that store, but I have had my eye on their new argyle sweater vests and I had recently purchased some new white blouses from Victoria's Secret (they have my absolute fav blouses, that are bodysuits and stay tucked in!) and I love that layered look, but hate wearing two shirts and risk being hot all day. (which makes me miserable).

So, I headed to the website armed to use this coupon. Then I remembered their sizing is all kinds of funky and I didn't want to get the sweaters in an odd, ill-fitting size (or pay shipping) so I after I dropped off my good friend at her car (yeah, we all had too many adult beverages last night) I headed over to Jordan Creek Mall for a quick trip. Quick it was! In and out within 25 minutes and here's the goods to prove it...

The two sweater vests, which I think are adorable! I could have bought one in every color. Fortunately, I picked two (all new arrivals were B1G1 50%), the black/white and the lavender/gray (it looks pink in the picture, but it's a light lavender).

Then I spotted this pretty little tunic. I love stuff like this that I can wear year round so I knew I needed this one too!

You can't really tell in the picture but it has little silver studs all along the neckline. Very dainty, and pretty. I think this will look great with a cardigan, leggings and some cute boots.

Speaking of leggings...

I can always use another pair of black leggings. I wear leggings at least a few times a week, so my black ones are almost always in the dirty laundry. These were a little pricy for leggings at $20, but the material is great and I know they'll last a little longer than plain ol' cotton ones.

After this I still had a little bit more to go to get to $100, so I snatched up this cute little top..

I'm not sure if I will like the ruffles in the front, but I thought it might look cute under a cardigan, so we'll see! This one may be going back.

Then, because all new arrivals were B1G1 50% I had to pick a 6th item for half off! So, I chose this cute top. It was cheap and the sale made it cheaper, so I just couldn't resist not taking advantage.

I'm also not sure of this one. I haven't tried any of these things on, so once I have done that I might change my mind. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to wearing them! I'm also pretty excited that I found all six of these items for only $72! Steal!!

This is my last splurge. For reals... I am a poor, college student now and poor, college students do not shop as much as I have been shopping lately!

Hope you enjoyed shopping with ALPITC!

What have you splurged on recently? Do coupons suck you in like they do me?

Friday, January 14, 2011

The new love of my life!

I have been keeping something from you guys... I have to introduce you to the new love of my life...
Chocolate glazed donut coffee from Donut House.

Mmmmmm, this coffee tastes just like this:
I am not kidding! It is that good.

When I moved in with my sister one of the things I was looking forward to most (besides all that sisterly bonding time!) was her Keurig coffee maker!
If you aren't familiar with Keurig it is a single serving coffeemaker that brews coffee from individual servings of cups called k-cups. There are tons of different kinds of coffee, tea, hot chocolate... they have everything you would make with a normal coffee maker, if not more. If you're a coffee-lover like me, you need a Keurig!

My mom gave us a couple of chocolate glazed donut k-cups several months ago and I immediately fell Bed, Bath and Beyond and they come in a variety pack of k-cups, which includes several cups of decaf coffee. I don't need decaf! That would have been a waste of money! So, I took my search online.

Sold out at

Expensive on Amazon.


Then, finally I found it on Amazon for a reasonable price. $13 for a box of 24 k-cups (1 k-cup usually makes 2 cups of coffee). Sold!

With my Amazon Prime account I got it in 2 days with free shipping (thank you Amazon Prime!).

Mmmmm, this stuff is so good! If you have access to a Keurig you must try it! I promise, if you like flavored coffee (or donuts!) you will love this coffee!

Do you drink coffee? If so, how much coffee do you drink a day?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gotta love productive days!

Can I offer a piece of advice to all you single ladies? Do not re-sign up for and then watch The Craigslist Killer later that day. Not a good idea. Just not good.

I realize I am not advertising sexual favors via Craigslist that ultimately attract psychos that will want to kill me, but it still had me all kinds of freaked out.

Ugh, but back to the obvious. Yes. I joined Match again. I honestly don't know why I put myself through this. It's mainly for my mother. This way when she asks if I am seeing anyone I can say I am trying. I really am. ;)

I'm actually quite content and very happy with where my life is going right now, so I figure if I do at least a little work it will all fall together. Great plan, right? I thought so.

Today was an awesome, productive day. One of those days where everything just fell together and a ton of errands got accomplished. I started the day with a trip downtown to turn in my stuff for my subbing license, get my fingerprints and background check started. Now, I am just waiting on my transcripts from ISU. (come one ISU, what's the dealio?!)

After that was squared away (clean record, quick trip) my sister and I grabbed some sushi for lunch at my favorite sushi place downtown, Miyabi 9. Seriously, in love with that place.

Then, we picked up one of my textbooks. The only book that was cheaper at the University Bookstore rather than online. Then we hit the mall. I've been meaning to hit up the semi-annual sale at Victoria's Secret for quite awhile so I stocked up. I really needed some new unmentionables.

Then, we headed about 20 minutes west of Des Moines to my grandmother's house to drop of five pairs of my dress pants that needed hemmed. You see, I am not short enough to require the "short" length, but I am not tall enough to handle the "regular" length so I have to have all my pants tailored. Literally, all of them. I hate it, but if I don't do it I will never wear the pants.

So, that was my day. Productive, yet fun and very relaxing. I love days like this.

What do you tend to do on your days off? Do you save all your errands for your day off or would you rather have a day with absolutely nothing on the to-do list?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

I am snowed in! It's not as bad as some of the storms we had last year, but I would say 8 inches in 24 hours is a pretty significant storm. I was keeping an eye on the schools though and was curious if WDSM or DSM would cancel, and they didn't. My teacher friends on Facebook did not sound happy.

Nonetheless, I am enjoying my time. I am relaxing, sleeping in, drinking coffee and cuddling with my boys. You know, Chico and Zeke. :)

So, to make this Ten on Tuesday as authentic as possible I have only read one other blog that participates because I always end up having to steal someone else's answer and I hate that, but once I've read theirs I can't think of anything original! I hate that!

1. Is there a band/artist that you HATE?

I loathe The Beastie Boys. I don't know what it is about their voices... I just cannot stand them. I have to change the station when they come on the radio.

2. What do you do when you get a gift that you do not like? How do you react?

Rack my brain to try and remember what the return policy is. I would always react with gratitude because it is the thought that counts!

3. How is your work office/cubicle decorated?

I don't have an office or cube! I have a corner of the dining room where I have fashioned a mini study area though! It's pretty boring... it's just got all my office supplies, printer, school stuff, laptop... etc. I would love, love, love a third bedroom for a study room/office but... we don't have that. We're thinking about moving in the spring, but still not sure.

4. Do you use all of your vacation every year?

Absolutely! I don't let any of that stuff go wasted. EVER! Why would you?! My old boss (ha! feels good to say that) used to brag how she never used all of her sick time because she just doesn't get sick. Every time she did that I wanted to snap and say you're an idiot. That is benefit time that you EARN. Use it! I don't get sick often, but you can bet on it that if I have a bad headache or migraine like I tend to do once a month, I'm using my sick time.

5. Did you have a real or fake Christmas tree?

Fake. It's an old hand me down from my parents! It's a fiber optic tree that I think looks so pretty and reminds me of when I was younger. (yeah, it's old...)

6. If you could have anything for dinner tonight, what would it be?

Ok, this one I have to steal from Kara (the only blog I've read so far this morning!). She chose king crab legs and I have to do so too! I looooooooove crab legs. Love them! It's such a fun meal to have with friends and it's so good and actually good for you! (unless you slather it in butter....)

7. Do you bite your fingernails?

I used to, but not anymore! I love to paint my nails every few days and biting them would just make my manicure look ugly!

8. How many cups of coffee do you drink each day?

Probably 2-4... The mug I use holds 2 cups, and I usually have at least one of those a day.

9. Do you have a nervous tick?

Yup, my eye twitches when I'm really, really stressed out. I absolutely hate it and it makes me crazy. Funny, my job in retail made my eye twitch all the time. I learned to control it, but sometimes that is impossible!

10. How often do you vacuum?

Every other day or so. I love to vacuum (I know, I'm weird) and we have three dogs and a cat so we vacuum a lot. :)

What's your Ten on Tuesday? Are you snowed in today?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Book review: There's Cake in my Future

Goooood morning! Happy Monday!

Wondering why I'm in such a good mood? Are you really? You should know the answer to that...

I'm off work this week. And next week. I'm off work indefinitely until I decide I want to go back. (we all know I will probably work as much as I can after I have been lazy for two weeks)

Ok, I'll stop because if I were you I would want to hit me right now. I'm not bragging. I swear! :)

One thing I do plan to try and do a lot of while off work is read. Last night I finished There's Cake in my Future by Kim Gruenenfelder. A few years ago I read her first novel, A Total Waste Of Makeup and loved it. When I saw that she had a new chick lit novel coming out I knew I would want to read it, then when I saw the cover I knew I had to read it right away!

It was really good, but you have to be in the mood for cheesy chick lit. It is your typical, fluffy and light romance book that makes single women believe in fairy tales. Maybe it's the cynic in me. Maybe it's because I'm getting older. I'm not sure, but it's getting harder and harder not to roll my eyes at this stuff.

Don't get me wrong, I think Gruenenfelder is a fantastic and very clever writer. I think that I am not in the right place in my life to enjoy books like these. It leaves me feeling like I will get a fairy tale someday and leaves me holding out for something that is unlikely to happen. At least, unlikely to happen like it does in the book!

Instead of flying through this book like I usually do with chick lit, it took me quite a while to finish it because I kept getting distracted. It didn't really hold my attention for long, mainly because I knew what was coming. We all know how predictable chick lit and romantic comedies can be!

Next up is a book I have been wanting to read for quite awhile, The Help. It is the first book I purchased and am reading with my new Nook. I have read the first 20 pages, and I can't wait to see how I like reading an entire book on an eReader. It might be a little pitiful, but I am disappointed that I won't have a shiny new book to add to my bookshelf. But, if I love my Nook as much as everyone says I will I'm sure I'll get over it quick. I can always go out and re-buy my favorites as they come in at Half Price Books or something. Afterall, I'm determined to have a house with a "library" in it one. I've gotta have books to fill it up!

Do you read chick lit? Do you go through phases with it like I do? I tend to read more of it in the summer.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Literally, nothing to do.

I kind of feel like a bored little kid. You know, when you're bored out of your mind and have nothing to do? That's me right now.

It hasn't quite sunk in yet that I do not have to go to work... and it's a very strange feeling! I feel like there are things I should be doing, but there really isn't anything to do until Wednesday. Wednesday I go downtown and turn in all my stuff for my subbing license. It seems like it's taking forever to get the components of this thing nailed, because IT IS taking forever! Sheesh!

At this rate I won't be subbing until the end of the month. Once I get the license I have to actually go to the school districts and apply and who knows how long that's going to take. Fingers crossed I can get everything checked off on my end by the end of the week.

On a more positive note I got to looking at my class schedule and realized that I only have night class on Mondays, so I can sub Mondays as well. Wait, did I tell you all that a few days ago? Oh well, I'm telling you again. I'm just that excited! Ha ha! :)

Anyway, back to being done with WORK. I know, I know I'm not actually done working. I'm not really just a college student. I'm going to be working four days a week. It's just weird that that store isn't mine anymore. I am no longer responsible for 2 million dollars in sales, a 2000 square ft store and 30 employees.

For those of you that may be a little new to ALPITC I have been in retail managing my own store for approximately six years now. I got really lucky right after college, where I majored in Fashion Merchandising and Design, and got a job as a store manager six short months after being the assistant manager. I say lucky, because most people have to work as an assistant for much longer. So, I was able to move up to higher volume stores at a pretty young age. The store I just left is one of the highest volume stores in my region (2nd highest out of 110 stores to be exact) and is a powerhouse! It is busy all the time and the amount of stuff in that store is just insane. Insane and completely overwhelming.

Well, the layout of my management stuff is pretty simple. There's me, then I have my two full time assistants and one part time assistant. One of my FT assistants has been with me two years and the other one is new and only been there a couple of months. The newer one has been making my life hell.

It's not her fault (well, not really) she's the type of personality that just stresses me out. Every time I see her name pop up on my phone my blood pressure starts to rise and I feel on edge and can't focus. She's just ... I can't even explain it. There's just something about her personality that I can't stand. She freaks out about everything and she doesn't listen. She doesn't listen to direction at all. It makes me crazy. She doesn't read direction either.

Sometimes I think home office spells everything out so completely that I think, gosh, do they think we're in kindergarten or something? No, it's for people like her. But then again, it's not for people like her because she doesn't even read it!

It makes me nuts.

Well, this morning she texted me because one of the drawers was short last night. At first I thought I should ignore this. I am no longer getting paid to answer these questions! But, then again I was there yesterday and I don't want money missing on my last day. So, I did what I could to help. I really hope they find it. It makes me nervous.

She still makes my blood boil though. I honestly think I would have started to get high blood pressure if I continued to work there with her. She make me that crazy, and she's only been there a couple of months. I'm sure you all have worked with people like that. Some personalities just clash, I guess! I've always taken pride in the fact that I can work with so many different personality types but as I'm getting older I'm getting more and more set in my ways and unwilling to change, cause I just feel like I don't need to change! I'm the boss... right? (errr, was the boss)

Tonight their setting our their first spring floorset and it's a huge one. Basically, three walls, 10-15 feet long, get switched around. Imagine rearranging your entire closet, but multiply that closet by like 20. It is not fun. Some people love it though. I don't.

I didn't plan for my last day to be the day before this floorset. When I turned in my notice six weeks ago I had no idea the floorset would be scheduled for January 9th. I feel a little bad, but if my boss had asked me to stay an extra day I totally would have. But, she didn't ask! (and I didn't offer)

So, I'm a little antsy at having literally nothing to do but I'm trying hard to embrace it. I need to bury myself in bed or on the couch with my Nook and finish some good books! I'm having a hard time sitting down long enough to finish There's Cake in my Future so that I can really dig into The Help!

I'm seriously considering ordering my textbooks early (I really should get them ordered now anyway) and getting started on the first chapters. When did I become such a nerd?!

What are you guys up to this snowy, cold Sunday? Do you get nervous when you have nothing on the to-do list? Does that ever even happen to you??

Friday, January 7, 2011

Resolutions '12

Hellooooo, January 6, 2011. Where did you come from? What happened to 2010? 2009? 2008? Well, I've debated and debated and fretted and fretted over resolutions and have finally decided it's a new year and a new decade and I have to start it off right. I have to have something to work on (besides the usual of work and school).

So, I've been thinking about this for awhile and here is what I am going to (try to) do to make myself a better person in 2011!

Volunteer - Since my college sorority days I have barely done any volunteer work and that should change. Whether it be tutoring through the education program at Drake or getting involved in charities. I need to give back to my community. I'm hoping I can help my aunt out more with the dogs she rescues in southern Missouri. I would also really love to look into getting involved in Big Brother, Big Sister.

Blog - This one is pretty simple. I have made this resolution several times. I know. When I don't blog, I miss it. When I do blog, I feel good. You guys make my heart swell up with all your positivity and encouragement! So, I vow to blog more and I vow to comment more. I can be quite the lazy commenter and every time I don't comment I'm reminded of Amber's comment from a very long time ago about how it doesn't take much to click out of your reader and make a comment!

Exercise - The job I have been doing for the past several years requires me to be on my feet for several hours a day. I know I don't burn a ton of calories, but I burn a heck of a lot more than I would if I was sitting at a desk all day. So, I know that is the main reason why I don't gain a ton of weight. Since today and tomorrow are my last days in this career (omg!) I need to get a plan for exercise in place. (which, I have the plan in place... I just need to follow through. So, maybe this resolution should be... follow through?)

Travel - I have a couple trips in the works right now, one being a family vacay that I am very much looking forward to! I will spill the deets later though... Besides that I just want to get outta Des Moines at least once a month. Whether it be to see Lesli in Minneapolis or down to Kansas City to see family. It's so nice to have a trip or mini getaway to look forward to.

School - This is another, well duh! resolutions, but I want to try my hardest to achieve all A's in my classes. For the spring semester I am taking 4 classes, in summer I am taking 2 and in the fall I am taking 5 (ouch...). After the fall semester it's 5 classes for the rest of my Master's program and I'm worried it's going to be hard (ok, I'm not worried. I know!). All I can do is try my hardest and it CAN be done, so I'm gonna do it. :)

Study Abroad - Ok, so I don't think this is going to happen in 2011, but I want to start working on making this happen at some point during my time in graduate school. I regret not studying abroad during undergrad so I feel like I have a second chance to make this happen. I would love to teach somewhere else. I think it would be an awesome experience and even more wonderful for someone like me that is going for her ESL endorsement. Remember my friend Rachel? She lives in Scotland, so I would love to be near her... we'll see, we'll see...

Save - Save money. 2011 is the year to save. Save, save, save. Someone needs to hammer that into my head. My parents were wonderful, fantastic, amazing parents but they did not teach us to save very well. This semester I am able to substitute teach 4 days a week, which will earn me $130 a day in the DSM district and $126 a day in the WDSM district. Other semester will not be like that and I might not be able to sub more than one day. I am going to need to be prepared and save my dough! So, I'm officially on a shopping diet. The Nook was my last splurge...

I've loved reading all of your resolutions this week! It's kept the wheels in my head turning and I'm happy that I've set some resolutions of my own. I can't imagine coming back to these at the beginning of 2012 to recap... because, well... I can't imagine it being 2012! Yikes....

Do you volunteer? What's your favorite charity to get involved in? Have you ever studied abroad? How was your experience?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gettin' stuff done!

I have gotten so much done today and it feels awesome! Don't you just love that feeling? I do!

We started the morning taking Chico and Zeke to the vet for their annuals (Chico is my sisters chihuahua). Zeke needed three shots and Chico needed one. They did so good, we were proud mamas!
The Zekester

Chico, the chihuahua

Then we grabbed some lunch at Red Robin - which I am still so full from! I dropped my sister off at work then I got home and got to work. I have cleaned the apartment from top to bottom. Taken down the Christmas tree and all the decorations. Cleaned all the floors and did the laundry while I was at it (there wasn't much). Then I sat down and paid my growing stack of bills. I had a dentist bill that I kept forgetting about. I needed to renew my tags for my car. I had to pay a ticket that I got in the mail (I ran a red light! There was a video online and there's no denying it. I RAN THE LIGHT. Oops.). I needed to send in my stuff for sub license. I needed to go to the post office to mail a ton of stuff. Lots of busy, seemingly tiny errands that really start to add up!

Now, I'm relaxin' on the couch waiting to pick up my sister from work. We ended up running out of time this morning so instead of heading home so she could get her car I just dropped her off at work.

In other shopping news I made my last big splurge before my "shopping diet" begins. I bought a NOOK last night! I was up until 1 am reading last night and I can already tell I am going to love it! I only searched for eBooks but I know you can get them other places. Does anyone know where else I can buy them? Thank you all so much for your advice!! It was so helpful and I loved what you guys loved about your Kindle or Nook!

The first book I purchased was The Help and so far I am loving it!

Have you read any good books lately?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kindle vs. Nook

Ok guys, I am definitely getting a Nook or Kindle for my birthday but am on the fence about which one...

So, in the comments tell me which one you like best! I am not getting the Nook Color, I'm getting just a plain e-reader. I don't need internet or any bells and whistles really... I will literally just read books on it. Probably mostly at the gym.

Can't wait to hear what you guys think!