Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pushing 30??

The other day my mom commented on how I'm "pushing 30".

Immediately my stomach did a little flip. THIRTY?! Don't I at least get until I'm 27 to be considered "pushing 30"? Isn't 26 still considered mid-twenties? It doesn't really bother me, it was just the term that kinda hit me, and I thought, "wow, I'm getting older..."

I have never been one to boo-hoo over my age. I have always looked forward to getting older. People that sit and whine about how old they are, or hide their age really irritate me. I think it's silly! We should be proud of our age!

What got me was why my mom would comment on that. Is it the fact that she wants to be a Grandma? Or see me wear a wedding dress soon? Probably.

I know it will happen, but she's just going to have to be patient! (and stop making those comments!).

Monday, June 23, 2008

Another Harry Potter post...

I have recently taken up the task of finishing all the Harry Potter books and I'm finding myself enjoying them more than anything I have read in a very long time! Thank you Brandy over at "It's like I'm mmmmagic" for helping me convince myself I need to read this series!!

I'm on the seventh and final book. It's really bittersweet, half of me is saying "read it slow, this is the last one. Savor it." Then the other half is saying "hurry up, hurry up! Find out what happens, finish it NOW!"

They are soooo good! I can't get over it! (I know half of you are say DUH!)

My dad and sister have read all of them as well, and actually my dad is who I borrowed all the books from. I recently went on a trip with my parents to visit my cousin who has just had a baby (Congratulations, Erin!) and during the entire trip it was like this:

"Is Snape really bad?"
"Do Harry and Ginny get together?"
"Do Ron and Hermione get together?"
"Does Dumbledore die?"
"Does HARRY DIE????!"
"WTF is Draco up to?"
"Who is the half-blood prince??"
"Why does Sirius have to die?? WHY?!"

I could keep going... but I won't!! Haha!

Those that have read them can probably tell that I just finished the sixth book by those questions. The only one I made my dad answer was the first one. It was really bugging me, I just had to know.

Another thing about these books that really gets me, is the hatred I feel for some of the characters. Every book has a villian or villians, obviously. The Harry Potter series has many, many villians. The way J.K. Rowling writes makes the reader feel as if they're right there at Hogwarts and you're apart of the threesome that Harry, Ron and Hermione make up. This writing also makes me hate some of the other characters as much as Harry, Ron or Hermione!

Here are the characters I particularly "hate" (Which, hate is a word I try not to use, but in these cases, it is necessary).

Bellatrix (She is right up there with Voldemort)
Draco and Lucius Malfoy
Kreacher (Actually I don't feel actual hatred, just extreme dislike!)

Now you're thinking, of course you hate them, you're not supposed to LIKE them. It's weird though... I really want these characters to die in the end. They're just so horrible!

I'm sure I'll post again once I'm done with the seventh book... which probably be soon! =)
If you haven't read them, read them!