Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No, I'm not missing! Stop the search!

Wow, I have been gone a long time! I feel like my only posts are "update posts"!! Sorry guys! I'll try harder -- really, I will! :)
Things have been pretty good. I've been trying to make myself more available to the dating world and put myself out there. So far, I have little luck. I went on a date with one guy who Lesli and I like to call "Sushi Guy" because he asked me out for sushi with him and his friends. This guy is a classic case of why a girl should trust her gut instincts. On the surface and on paper this guy seems perfect. Successful, attractive (not really to me, but to most he is attractive), seemingly polite and funny. He just seemed a little too smooth if you know what I mean.
So after the first date I caught myself dodging his texts and phone calls so I decided to let him down gently and tell him that I feel like I'm too busy to date right now, but to keep in touch.
A week later I get a text from him:

Sushi Guy: Hey, what is your friends name that is a nurse? I think I saw her downtown.

Me: Her name is Blondie* and yes you probably did see her, she works downtown.

Sushi Guy: Ok. So I take it you still don't want to date?

Uhhh, duh. It was only a week ago and nothing has changed.

Me: Yes, I just can't right now. Keep in touch though!

I'm just trying to be nice!

Sushi Guy: Well, at the risk of sounding like an ass. Is your friend Blondie single?

Whaaaaaaaat?? Ok, it might be okay for dudes that are friends to date the same girl. It is not okay for chicks. If anyone has seen the most recent episode of The Hills they would know that!

Scratch this guy off the list for potential people to date. Yes, I know he was technically already "scratched off the list" but I was trying to date like a dude and keep him on my radar! You never know!
I immediately called Blondie and told her the story. She was disgusted and said She did think at first he might be a great catch but she would never date someone one of her friends dated. To quote Audrina from The Hills, "Who wants sloppy seconds?" Amen!

*name changed to protect identity