Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wine & Love v5

Wow, is it really Thursday already? This week flew by for me!

Well, Thursday means it is time for Nora's weekly Wines & Loves!

What I am loving this week...

♥ My motivation for working out! I have figured out a way to squeeze in a sweat sesh everyday this week and I am so proud of my motivation. Please say a little prayer for me to be able to keep it up!

♥ One of my very best friends in the entire world let me borrow her car for almost an entire week while I was waiting to get my car in the shop. She is seriously the best and I am so lucky to have such a generous, wonderful friend!

♥ Definitely my Erin Condren planner! I finally received it on Tuesday and I could not be happier. I was a little hesitant that it wasn't worth the money, but after seeing Amber and Lisa's in person, I knew I was going to love mine!

♥ My local, independent mechanic. I got my brake pads replaced and one of my front rotors replaced for less than $200. That. is. a. steal. I know that if I had taken it to one of the chains they would have found about 50 other things that were "wrong" and I'm positive they would have replaced both rotors even though one was fine. If your local, please contact me for his info. He always does a fabulous job.

♥ Painting my nails. About a year and a half ago I gave up regular manicures at the salon to start doing them myself. Since then I have enjoyed buying new colors and painting my nails every week. Fall is also the best because I can break out all the dark colors! Although, right now my obsession is burnt oranges.

♥ The outcome on Big Brother. I am so happy!

What is making me reach for the wine...

♥ 12 hour-freakin-days. Seriously. Between daily 3 hour classes, working at least a few hours a day (more if I'm subbing) ends up with a very long day. Recently I have run into the problem of packing enough for meals for these insanely crazy days. I'm trying to avoid all fast food, gas station snacks or vending machine snacks. In order to do so I need to plan, plan, plan. I also needed a bigger lunchbox....
I was bringing this guy:

Now I have upgraded to this big guy!

I'm still bringing both because I don't want to haul a freaking cooler into a school or on campus, but I'm hoping this should solve the problem. (It will).

♥ Being a newbie. I'm still pretty new at my part-time job and I work with many adults that can be quite sneaky. I have been duped by them more than once now. It doesn't make for fun emails from my boss. Of course my boss isn't mad, it's just frustrating feeling like I have let someone down. It's also frustrating to feel like you can't trust someone. I'm going to have to take the situation and make it into a learning opportunity, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating. (I know that was vague. I can't really reveal much more than that). :(

♥ Expenses! Budgeting! I'm trying to work as much as possible to bulk up my savings again, and that makes it hard to part with that hard earned money on things like car repairs and bills!

♥ Breaking in new shoes! I am through day 2 of trying to break in the new ballet flats I bought and day 2 went better, but I was definitely limping on my way... my little toes have major blisters.

Time to share! What are you loving or hating this week?


Ashley said...

Seeing everyone's Erin Condren planner really makes me want one. They're just so expensive!

I hate breaking in new shoes. That's what I was doing two weeks ago and it's not fun!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya on the budgeting and car repairs. Ugh! my car is in the shop today for just routine maitenance but still. Such a pain. Good job on the working out you are my hero. I have been sucking. What gym do you go to?

Lesli said...

Loving the crisp, cool fall weather and breaking out my fun fall boots. Hello, old friends! Loving new season of Rachel Zoe!

Hating having my car Daisy be in the shop for 3 days and having to pay $1100 to have her repainted because some a-hole key scratched her viciously and maliciously

Oh, wait, but I am loving driving Buttercup, our third car--because she is yellow and also because she has a stick shift!


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I have been lusting over that planner for weeks now!!!

Stephany said...

That situation with your part-time job sounds so sucky! :( Being a newbie is hard enough, you don't need sneaky co-workers on top of it!

Wine: Being tired. All. The. Time!

Love: Being done with boot camp. And not it's on to 5K training. Eek!

Amber said...

OK, I admit, I saw the words "big brother" in this post and quickly scanned to the bottom ;) And now I'm keeping the window down far enough to hide Stephany's comment because who knows what it might say!!!

BUT I did see that you love your planner (YAY) and that you hate breaking in new shoes - me too! It is SO hard for me to find a pair of flats that fit well and don't give me blisters!

Nora said...

the more I see about these Condren planners the more I want one. Maybe it will be a birthday wish list item!

I hate breaking in new shoes sometimes. Man, the backs of my feet (thank you heels) are always sore afterwards.

Way to go on the working out! That's so great =) Hope you have a relaxing weekend ahead of you; I'm not envious of the 12 hour days.


Becky said...

Hooray for painted nails and life planners! And holy mother of lunch bags!

Car repairs are the worst. For as much money as cars cost I feel like they should last at least 10 years and just fix themselves. Seriously.