Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Workout Wednesday

Happy hump day! This week is flying for me and I feel like I am on roller skates, so that means what better of a time to sit down and take some me time?!

I have twenty minutes until I have to pick my kids up from music and of course I have a million things I could be doing (none are obviously TOO urgent). Teaching is the type of job where the work is never really done. Which, has been hard for me to handle because I love completing everything on a to do list. Now, to remedy that, I just don't put EVERYTHING I would like to get done on my lists...

Anyway, moving on, before I get too off topic.

Workout Wednesday. I am totally ripping off Lisa's idea for a post today (sorry, Lisa!) and blogging my workouts from the previous week. When I blogged my workouts before the wedding I definitely felt like I had more accountability since others are going to read about it. So, here I go again!

Monday - Zumba
Tuesday - Zumba
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - Zumba
Friday - Zumba happy hour
Saturday - Zumba
Sunday - Zumba

Our group that was at the Friday night happy hour class. Such a fun mix of people!

Umm.. ya think I have a Zumba problem?! I have also been twice so far this week. This morning I made it to a Body Pump class, so I am trying to mix it up. However, why not keep doing what I love? I burn between 550-700 calories in a 60-75 minute class and the time flies for me.

 My burn from the Friday night happy hour class. These special events are my favorite!

Also, I should mention, I have never been a dancer. Ever.

There is definitely no need to have dance skills in your past to enjoy Zumba. Of course you need some coordination, but it really is not that difficult! I urge anyone that is even remotely interested in Zumba to check it out for a few classes. I say a few classes, because the first class is of course going to be the most frustrating. Nobody can come in and immediately know an instructor's choreography. It takes a little time.

If you could only choose one exercise activity for the rest of your life (not including day to day activities) what would you choose? I think my answer is obvious ... ;) 

Note: I started this post at 10:55 and it is now 11:10. I spent 15 minutes on this and I refuse to feel guilty. Teachers do so much work on their own time. Also, I miss blogging. I need to figure out a way to squeeze it back into my daily routine. Also! I have not proofed my writing. Do not judge my typos ...

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The *final* Sunday Social :(

Good morning! How has your weekend been? Mine has been great! I am currently sitting on Lisa's couch, we are both blogging, the patio door is open and the sun is shining! 

Today I'm participating in the last ever Sunday Social. I am curious to find out what it will be replaced with, but am sad to see it go. 

I am also blogging from the iPad for the first time. I am not enjoying it much so if you are a avid iPad user and blogger - please send me your tips!!!

How did you come up with your blog name? My blog name is a throw back to my hometown - Des Moines (pronounced duh-moyn), the capital of Iowa. Dsm is actually a decent sized city with about 600,000 calling it home when you combine all the suburbs but I think it's hilarious (however sometimes annoying) when others think it is all cornfields and overalls. Although, my blog name does not help that misconception!! :)

What is your favorite thing about blogging? For sure the people! I am so thankful that I have met so many wonderful people via blogging. I miss the way blogging used to be though. Kerri did a great job writing about the other day here

What is one thing you have discovered because of blogging and now cant live without? I am pretty sure I discovered Goodreads from blogging and I adore that site! Oh, and Erin Condren planners!

Facebook or Twitter? and why? Lately, Facebook. However, it is disgusting how much time I spend on the FB and I think I need it cut back. 

If one celeb read your blog who would you want it to be? Definitely an author... Maybe Jodi Picoult or JK Rowling. 

What is something you want people to know about your blog? I don't really live on a farm. You must like books because I talk about them a lot. I blog sporadically. My blog is in a mid life crisis and isn't sure what it wants to be. But, that's okay. :)

What do you blog on? Desktop, laptop or iPad? What have you discovered because I'd blogging?