Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wine & Love v4

Happy Thursday everyone! It's time for another edition of Wine & Love, hosted by Nora!

In typical Amber, I-want-to-always-be-positive fashion, I am doing my Loves first. :)

Loves: What I am loving this week!

♥ Reading The Giver and Matilda for my Children's Lit class! It is just the sort of happy that I am in need of right now! Especially after finishing a dark book for blogger book club. (Which was very good, just dark.) I think I read both books in 4th grade the first time around, and while I am very familiar with the story of Matilda, I'm a bit shaky on The Giver.

♥ New members for Books 'n Bars! A girl that has been in several of my classes since last fall found out about our book club and was so excited to join that she was clapping! The enthusiasm makes me so happy! :)

♥ Getting my very own DVR box... Since my sister's boyfriend moved in (more on this later) we have had some.... issues with the DVR. Some overlaps... some instances where the box gets shut off... This may seem petty to you... but when you're gone allllll day working and in class, maybe the one thing you're really looking forward to is that Big Brother episode that was on yesterday (and today, cause... it's on 3 times a week...). When it's gone because the box was shut off it's enough to make you want to throw the remote...

I didn't do that... really. I didn't.

Ok, I did.

Then I picked it up, because Lexi would think it's a chew toy.

Wines: What is making me reach for the wine
(which in my case is Diet Coke, because I am on detox.)

:( Apparently #3 on my Love list is a wine as well! As happy as I am that I am getting my own box, I have to wine about shows not being recorded. How annoying is it to get home, get comfy, sit down and point the remote at your list of DVR'd shows and.... Nothin'. It's all gone.

:( Missing the Iowa/Iowa State game this weekend because of class. Yes, I have a weekend class that is from 5-9 on Friday night and 8-5 on Saturday. Boo to that.

:( Not getting called to sub... come on teachers! Call in sick! I want to teach your class! I have a couple assignments scheduled for October, but other than that I have gotten very few calls. Hopefully after the first month of school it will pick up. Teachers, do you think that's the case? Will I start to get more calls after a month or so?

What is making you happy or reach for the wine this week?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is annoying about the DVR. I hate it when i miss something, but I have no one to blame but myself! Luckily mine will work even if it's shut off as it wlil turn itself back on if there is something scheduled. That's good that you have your own box now!!

- I felt really crappy last night. I guess i overdid it at run club or something, or maybe it was the small bowl of ice cream I treated myself to (it was a United Way fundraiser at work, I felt I had to say yes!). Whatever caused it, I felt really awful last night and had to abruptly end a v-chat with Amber as I got sick. :(

- The cool crisp temps in the am. You know what kind of sweat we worked up when biking around that Sunday! Well, now that the temps are cooler, I am actually a little cold on the bike ride to work and don't end up walking into work feeling like a hot mess!
- I see Nora tomorrow! and then get to meet our blogging friend, Nilsa!

Nikki said...

I so wish I loved in Iowa to join books & Bars. It seems like you girls have so much fun!

Amber said...

Books and Bars sounds SO GREAT. You've done such a great job with it and it's growing so much! I wish I could come.

Bummer about your DVR. We do not have cable OR a DVR so we watch everything online!

P said...

Matilda as in the Roald Dahl book??? That was one of my FAVOURITE books as a child.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Best months for subbing Nov-March. yay flu!

Becky said...

"In typical Amber, I-want-to-always-be-positive fashion, I am doing my Loves first." You are adorable!

I wish I could be part of books and bars! Plus, it's still early for school - I bet teachers will be sick (physically or mentally!) of the kids soon enough, hang in there! Haha, that sounded nice, didn't it?!

love jenny xoxo said...

LOVE: BB13 season finale tonight!! Who do you want to win?