Sunday, November 24, 2013

Some good news...

Hello, friends!

Things have been exciting around these parts because... I am officially engaged! Two weeks ago Bill popped the question and I said yes!

 I kinda hate pictures like this (and I refused to put one on FB, but I was sure quick to get one up on Instagram lol) but I know you all wanna see the rock! I would...

 So, here's the story:

Back in September while in Ames for the Iowa/Iowa State game, Bill and I began to talk about getting married and it was there that we decided that we would get married and basically became engaged to become engaged. I told him I wanted him to pick out the ring though. He happily agreed (I swear, we're made for each other)

I've always pictured myself being surprised by a proposal and having NO idea what the ring looks like. That is exactly what happened! Although I wasn't surprised that he popped the question, I was however surprised that night because I was expecting him to ask me what I liked before he went shopping. He didn't do that. Instead, he shopped on his own and then went to my friends to get his purchase approved (he's a keeper, and he's all miiiiine!) My friends approved of the ring and knew the actual proposal was coming for over two weeks and they kept the secret! They're the best. :)

He did such a good job picking out a perfect ring for me. I love a princess cut, and I love the thick band and simplicity of this ring. It is perfect for my personality and perfect for us.

Here I am the night we got engaged. I totally forgot he took this picture until I started going through my phone for pictures for this post!

The night he asked was a random Monday night. He texted me around 5pm and asked if I wanted to go get sushi. I was still at school and almost said no because I had so much left to do in regards to report cards and getting ready for conferences (which were the following week), but after about two minutes I decided report cards could wait, and I had done enough that day. I wanted to spend time with Bill.

We ate sushi, then made a random Trader Joe's run for some wine he wanted to pick up and surprised me by picking up a bouquet of flowers for me as well (first clue!). When we got back to my place, while still in his truck, he hands me a bottle of jewelry cleaner. I looked at him like he was nuts and asked him 1. Why does he have jewelry cleaner and 2. Where did he get it?!

All he said was that he just thought I could use it since I just had a Lia Sophia party and I had new jewelry that might need cleaning.

Umm, okay?

My boyfriend is kinda random sometimes, so I just accepted the gift and began to head inside.

On our way up to my door he made a comment about how long we've been together now and started to make a joke about how maybe he should break up with me. I hate those kind of jokes so I kind of cut him off, stormed inside, grabbed Zeke to let him out for a bit. While I was out there with Zeke I began to put it together .... and began to think, uh oh...

I walked back in and he was standing there at the door and says, "I would like to finish my joke..." (haha). Then he says, we've been together 15 months, so ...  I suppose it's either time to break up with you or .... marry you. At this moment he pulled out the ring. It was also at this moment that I feel fuzzy about what was said, and now both him and I remember it differently!!

Sounds like a mean joke, but I think you would need to know Bill and his sense of humor...

I think I was in shock for a little bit. Well, maybe not shock... but, something that rendered me speechless, because I didn't say anything for awhile. In fact, I don't think I ever said yes! I assume my hug and kiss said it all though!

He says the first thing I did was say, "I need to text my mom!" I don't think so though... I can't really remember! It's all kinda blurry! Now I totally see why some people have this moment recorded!! I am glad it was just us though. It was private and just perfect. :)

Celebrating with my group of girlfriends Friday night! This group, in addition to my sister and my childhood best friend who lives in New Mexico, will hopefully be my bridesmaids. :)

We have not gotten far in wedding planning (rightfully so, it's only been two weeks) but we have narrowed down when it WON'T be... August, September, October and November are all a no because of other weddings in our group of friends, vacations already planned, school ... etc. Right now we are debating between May (eeek, I know!) and December. Quite the difference... I know. It will all work itself out though. :) 

I am so happy though, and after watching so many friends meet the man of their dreams and get married, I am so excited to finally have my turn. He makes all of the heartache in the past seem worth it and I cannot wait to call him my husband. ;)