Friday, October 1, 2010

It's finaaaalllly Friday!

Wow, Friday already?!! Sweet! :)

I'm not going to lie, this week has been rough. I was already dreading this week because I had a huge presentation in ed. psych and a test in special education on back to back days. At the end of last week my assistant manager's son came down with chicken pox and she can be a paranoid hypochondriac was worried that she was going to come down with it too for the 2nd time in her life due to her arthritis. (Seriously, I don't know. I'm not a doctor so I'm trying not to be skeptical)

I left work last Thursday trying not to worry about it and enjoy my three day weekend. Shockingly, I got ZERO phone calls or texts from my staff (seriously, very surprised) and I truly enjoyed three days of work-free bliss. When you're in an industry like mine and have that kind of responsibility, you're pretty much always available. It can get exhausting! Not to mention very irritating.

Well, not being contacted all weekend is sort of lie. I did get a phone call on Sunday night. Sunday night my assistant manager said she thought she was coming down with chicken pox and she needed the next morning off to go to the doctor and be sure. Of course I kind of snickered to myself thinking, there is no way she has chicken pox. It's in her head.

She had chicken pox.

Apparently it's a very mild case, but she does have chicken pox and it is contagious. Shit.

Who does that leave to work? Me.

Instead of studying and preparing for my test and presentation as planned, I worked 13 hours on Monday, 10 hours on Tuesday, 5 hours on Wednesday and then 7 hours yesterday. Fitting in study time was interesting.

BUT... everything went smoothly (academically) and I couldn't be happier! Our group got our presenentation results back right away and we got a 99%! Whoo! Seriously!? So happy! Then my test was last night and I know I did well. You just know when you aced a test and.... (BIG GRIN)

Everything worked out and I am off today. I wish I could take a weekend off due to the situation but considering I was off last weekend that just isn't happenin'. DARN!

Speaking of last weekend... I went to an IOWA HAWKEYES game! I just know my grandfather was looking down and smiling like a chesire cat! My entire family is Hawks fans (shocking, I know) besides my mom and I. I felt a bit like a trader, but at the same time it's not like they were playing ISU and I'm all about supporting an Iowa team. It's not like I love my precious Cyclones ANY less!

The game was fun, but I have to admit, the rain made things a bit miserable. We drove over to the Iowa City area Friday night because the game started at 11am on Saturday and we wanted to get up at a somewhat normal hour to tailgate. So, we stayed with Nick's grandparents in Muscatine (I know, I know! It's another post!) and got up at 6am to make it to Kinnick stadium around 8:30ish. The forecast was calling for clear skies all week, then Saturday morning.... Rain. Lots of rain. Talk about adding to the nightmare. Thank you Mother Nature. Thank you.

Nick ran to Wal-Mart to buy us bright yellow ponchos while I was getting ready and when he came back he had a Hawkeyes hat for me to wear so that I wouldn't mind my head getting wet. Thoughtful, right? No I think, errrr I know he enjoyed dressing me up in Hawkeye gear. He's still talking about it a week later and showing people his picture of me on his phone. Ruining my reputation, I tell you...

(We found our seats really early, so I figured we had to take some pictures! )

(After about take 6 I think Nick was getting annoyed with me. )

(Yay! The game is getting started! )

(This is what our mile long walk back to the car looked like. Sad face.)

One of the funniest moments of the day was when I recived this text from my mom...

"We've got the game on tv and it looks like it's raining pretty hard. Please don't tell me you have on a Hawkeye poncho."

I cracked up! At the stadium they were selling ponchos with Hawkeyes all over it. Luckily, Nick was thinking BEFORE we got there and bought ours at Wal-Mart. Whew!

After the game we checked out the Kolona Cheese Factory and bought way too much cheese, then buzzed through the Amana Colonies real quick. I picked up a 7lb bag of oats for less than $3 at an Amish grocery store. I am going to have enough oats for my morning oatmeal for a looooong time.

Once we made it home two hours later (I may have fallen asleep in the car) we both pretty much passed out from exhaustion. I know, we're getting old. We just can't hang anymore! Overall, it was a great weekend. I enjoyed football at Kinnick stadium, but I can't wait to take Nick to a game at Jack Trice stadium and dress HIM up in red and gold. :)


Sam said...

What an exhausting work and study week! I'm glad you did so well! And that is crazy she got chicken pox again.. weird!

That looks like so much fun, even in the rain :-) You two are so cute! You can tell how both of you are so happy. I can even see it in his eyes in that second pictures! haha.

I hope your work weekend goes by fast!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Well hello there! Nice to hear from ya ;-)

Sounds like you are one busy lady lately! That's great!! Good job fitting in studying with all that work and I love those pics of you and Nick, so cute!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

You look SO happy in those pics w/ Nick. It sounds like things are going really, really well for you two which makes me so happy. :) Yea for you!

YOu are a good sport for sitting in rain at your rival's game. Must be love. ;)

You sure had an intense week. I am glad the prsentation and test went well!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow! You had an action packed weekend and week! It sounds like you had a good time in enemy territory though lol

termite said...

happy to have found your blog!



saucyminx410 said...

Cute pics looks like you're having a blast!

Shoshanah said...

Last year when we went to an LSU football game in the rain we thought ahead and bought ponchos at wal-mart first too. Except here, even the ponchos at wal-mart are LSU ponchos. But it sounds like you still had a great time, even though the weather might not have behaved.