Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 10-Something you're afraid of




Yeah right!

I'm the bravest women ever!

Just kidding.... I have lots of little irrational fears (and a few big, rational ones. ;) )

I'm afraid of....

the dark
scary movies - I hate them!
my parents dying
Libby or Zeke dying
my sister dying
Ok, any member of my family dying (clearly)
getting fired - I've never been fired!
burning alive in a house fire
getting in a car accident

Ok, so I'm going to stop right now because... umm.... isn't everyone afraid of this stuff? I mean, really? It's not like I'm a hermit that cowers in my bed all day hiding out in the house because I'm scared of getting in a car accident!

Something I am truly, 100% afraid of is the possibility of me never getting married and having children.

I seriously think about this one and it devastates me. I know I would be okay because I have a wonderful network of friends, a great career (and working on a new one!), and a fantastic immediate and extended family but I want to create my own family and find that guy that I can call family.

When I get down thinking about the possibility of this not happening I think about something one of my best friends Shannon said to me once. She said,

"Amber, that won't happen to you. The possibility of you not getting married is impossible because people like you don't just not get married. It's silly to even think about it. So, stop worrying about it."

It's a fear of mine, but when I start to get scared I think of what Shannon said to me and I smile. :)


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

The older I have become...that same fear keeps bothering me!

Lesli said...

Ha ha! I love Shannon! And I love that picture. :-)
She is absolutely right you know. You don't exactly have old maid written all over you.

Sam said...

I'm scared of a lot of those things too! Especially my family dying. :(

Tameka said...

Nice post. New follower here, just wanted to say that I'm afraid of all those things plus tons more. I'm terrified of scary movies and refuse to watch them or even their trailers!