Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pay it forward contest!

Nikki over at Type A Negative did this really cute contest called Pay It Forward, which Lesli and I won! Thank you so much Nikki!

To keep this lovely giveaway going I am hosting my own Pay It Forward contest!

Go ahead and leave me a comment by Monday, June 1st and I will enter you in my drawing for some really cute SUMMER goodies! Leave a comment AND follow my blog and I will enter your name twice! :) Names will be drawn Tuesday!
Have fun!

**UPDATE** For that extra entry you may follow me OR add me to your blogroll! :)


Anonymous said...

well i'm leaving a comment to be entered in the drawing & i already follow your blog! hooray :)

Caz said...

The banner's cute! I've been thinking of having some sort of PIF contest on my blog since I kinda flaked on one last year. whoops.

Anyway, I refuse to "follow" people on blogger, but I'm commenting for one entry!

Amber said...

FUN!! I've been hearing lots about these PIF contests, so here's my entry.

I don't "follow" anyone, but you're on my blogroll!! Does that count??

Lesli said...

You know I am already following you (but good way to get more followers, why did I not think of this?).

If I win this contest I will be giving away my third Pay It Forward goodie box.



pollicino said...

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Shoshanah said...

I'm up for some summer goodies! And I'm already following you!

SassyGirl said...

Wow, I heard about Pay It Forward on a blog THREE YEARS AGO. I'm seriously impressed it's still going on (or some version of it at least).
Here's my entry! :)