Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bump, bump, bump it up!

I'm always captivated by informercials. It could be something that I would have no use for, but I still have to sit and watch. There's one that I have been wanting for awhile now and that would be.... the Bump It.

Every time I see a commercial for these things, or see someone with that perfect "bump" I fight the urge to run to my purse, grab my credit card and order one!

Oy, I'm such a sucker. First the Snuggie, now the Bump It?

(All photos courtesy of www.bighappiehair.com)

My hair is thin (but according to every stylist that has ever done my hair, there's a lot of it) and pretty straight. I usually wear it long, much to my current stylists dismay. She thinks due to it's lack of thickness it should be shorter, but every time I cut it short I absolutely hate it. Long hair is like a security blanket to me, I can't part with it!

I've tried everything to pump it up, from volumizing shampoo, teasing at the crown, to blow drying upside down. If it creates volume, I've tried it! Except for this handy little tool...

Have any of you bought one? Or know someone that has one? My friends I got to talking to about it at the bar last night and one friend said she had someone come up to her one day and ask if she had a Bump It in. She had no idea what it was! Now, I definitely don't want that! How embarrassing!

I'm still thinking about this purchase, most of my infomercial purchases end up in the corner of the room or taken over by Libby (see: Snuggie) so who knows, maybe this thing will end up a cat toy if it doesn't work out.

Isn't "bump" a funny word after saying it so many times? Or is that any word?


Amber said...

Omg, that thing looks amazing!! I am the same as you, I have thin hair but lots of it, I keep my hair in a short bob though but I can NEVER seem to get any body out of it. When my stylist does it she does an AMAZING job giving me lots of volume but I can never seem to recreate it!

If you do end up ordering that thing you'll have to let me know how you like it!!

PS: I saw on Twitter that you ran again, woohoo!

Anonymous said...

i have always wanted a bump-it but had the fear of someone messing with my hair and finding it! i have had a bob for awhile not but it always falls flat and i cant keep volume in it... so im in the process of growing my hair out!

any tips on how to grow your hair out and not go completely crazy with the in-between stage!?

Pursuit of Matching Accessories said...

Omg I want one too! I have very thick hair, but I tease it underneath every morning to make it full on top... but it's long so it's heavy and the bump tends to fall out by mid day... Let me know if you order it! My friend and I were discussing it and one night we were at the club and she's all, "That girl is totally wearing a bump-it." I don't want to be that girl, either!

Fritter Chicks™ said...

I want one too! I am still fighting the urge but thinking I am going to have to give in!

Lesli said...

I have never even heard of this. Somehow I missed this infomercial. But I have to say I don't have a real need for it because I have too much hair. My hair is really thick. But I am intrigued by it. I am always interested in new things for hair!

Larissa said...

I can't believe they make things like this. Now I've seen it all. SO did you end up buying one?

marisol said...

I get sucked into infomercials and QVC all the time. When I was in college, my roommates told me that they were going to block QVC & HSN for my sake.

And I do have a Slanket.