Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Check this out...

So about an hour or so ago this was the text I got from the boy:

"Sorry about the other night. I was asleep. I figured you would be pretty upset."

Yes, I ignored it.

Then, an hour after that:

"Ok. Guess I deserve this."

Yes you do, jerk. Also, he's lying. When I called him Saturday night AT 6:30 pm he was on Facebook. Sleeping? Yeah right.

If it's one thing I hate, it's being lied to. I'm an extremely patient person (obviously) but don't f'ing lie to me. I have a pretty thick skin and can take the truth.

No, I haven't responded.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Why do guys think they can tell us lies and get away with it??!! They always get busted!

Lesli said...

But are you SURE he was on Facebook? Sometimes if I don't log off, I know it will say I am still on there because people try to chat with me & I will get their chat message when I do go back on. I know he probably does NOT deserve the benefit of the doubt. Nor does he really deserve the time of day! Plus, hello, how long could he really have been sleeping unless he took some major sleeping pills. Yes, he probably is being a liar. You have to let him know that he cannot get away with treating you like that.

Larissa said...

Now now. I know its easy to assume things and I know you’re mad. And I completely understand your side. But maybe he was sleeping and his computer had him logged into facebook? I know, I should put a sock in it.

I’m glad you’re standing up for yourself tho.

p.s.- your Monday sounded crazy…hopefully Tuesday is treating you much better?

Autumn said...

Glad to hear you aren't responding!! Today MUST be one of those crappy "hard lessons learned" days. You are the fourth so far (in my ever growing list of blogs to read) to write about learning tough lessons. Including my own lesson today that's five semi-scorned women... Armageddon MUST be close... lol too many more scorned women and hell's fury will be here on Earth!! (You know the saying" Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned)

It's all good though, nothing a few drinks out with the girls' cant fix.

Yay for blogging therapy!