Sunday, May 10, 2009

How to say goodbye?

Recently Jess over at Classy in Philadelphia posted this quote.

"If he's stupid enough to walk away, be smart enough to let him go."

This line really got me thinking about my own situation. It's not that he's walking away. He's not at all, he's keeping me interested (ironically) with all these mixed signals. Why am I still interested you ask? I guess I'm a glutton for punishment! Who flippin' knows. For some reason I can't just say "sayonara!"

What I think I'm going to do for now is lay low and leave him alone. I don't want to play games with him but it looks like I'm going to have to or give up for good.

I would really like to start dating this other guy that I know likes me because he told a mutual friend of ours that he did, but I think that mutual friend may have told him about my current "relationship" status. ((sigh))
This new guy and I were texting a few weeks ago, only a couple times but both times I was the one that sent the first text and I haven't heard from him since. Which is what makes me think she said something to him.

I know there are a lot of fish in the sea, so why can't I find a fish for right now? Someone to keep my mind off this weird situation that I have gotten myself tangled up in!


Amber said...

Aww, those kinds of things are always hard because often our feelings get in the way of using our heads!!

I say, text the other guy and make it known you're interested! Maybe see if he wants to grab coffee or something andthen take it from there!!!

Good luck :-)

Shoshanah said...

As cliched as it is, I only found my boyfriend when I really wasn't looking. Not sure how helpful that really is though.

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Guys are seriously so confusing....I posted that quote and I love it, but I can't seem to make myself act on it..

Jenny Georgio-who said...

Whatever happens with you and said boy will just make you stronger. Who knows maybe you giving him the space and time he needs you'll end up with the best relationship of your life.

But I don't think you should sit around and wait. If he doesn't want to label you guys then why not go for it and date other people!?

As for why his mixed signals intruge you, because we are human and humans like the thrill of the chase. Did you ever think that maybe once he was ready to move forward you might get bored?

Pursuit of Matching Accessories said...

I think that if a guy doesn't actively pursue you, it's because he's "just not that into you." Cliche, I know, and not what any of us want to hear, but it's true. As for the one guy you know likes you, I would definitely casually invite out for coffee or just ask your friend if she told him about your "relationship" status. You can't expect him to pursue (if you actually want to date him) a woman who is "taken." But as for the gamer... if he really likes you, if he sees that you are not going to wait around, he will then realize he better make his move or lose you!

Lesli said...

You know what I think, give the other guy a chance! I am a big believer of the "plenty of other fish in the sea" saying!