Monday, May 18, 2009

On what IS making me happy...

OK, so this blog has taken a turn for the worse lately. It should be titled "Dating is Hell!"

All of your comments and words of encouragement are so thoughtful and sweet. Honestly, I'm turning to this blog before anyone else because, well... everyone else is probably pretty sick of me! I'm a flippin' broken record! I keep saying I'm going to do one thing and then I do another. I hate girls like that, and I just became one.

Anyway, instead of another post ranting and raving about my nightmarish love life I thought I would do a post on the things in my life that are making me happy and that I am grateful! (complete with ♥ bullets! Just for you Amber!)

♥ Work has me pretty excited right now! I love my two fabulous assistants, they are amazing and I cannot believe my wonderful luck in finding two people that compliment each other so well.

♥ My apartment. All alone. I just love coming home from work and being by myself! After awhile I do get bored (I really am a people person! Really!) but that's when I hit someone up and find out what's going on! :)

♥ The cutest housewarming card and gift from Lesli! So sweet and thoughtful! Still trying to decide what to do with the giftcard... ;)

♥ Aerie, the underwear store by American Eagle. They are our neighbors and honestly, I hadn't shopped in there because the first time I went in and saw the cutest pj pants for $39.99 I promptly walked back out. Lately, I've been finding the best deals in there on clearance and I just love how they give you a free gift once a month on Thursdays! I love free. :)

♥Holiday weekends! No, I don't have it off (yeah, right) but I have Monday and Tuesday off! Monday my family is having a BBQ and then Tuesday I'm going up to Minneapolis to meet Lesli for the Jen Lancaster book signing!

♥ A weekend at the lake with my friends in July! Can't wait! Any weekend that involves boats, water, beer and bathing suits is an A+ weekend in my book!

I think that about covers it... Obviously, there are tons more that make me happy and I realize I am very blessed. All these dating disasters are just helping me realize what I want and what I don't want!


Amber said...

Hahaha, aww, I adore the heart bullets! They totally suit you and your blog!!

A weekend at the lake sounds amazing and sometimes I wished that I lived alone, like right now when the dishes are piled up on the counter and SOMEONE won't do them *ahemericahem*. If I lived alone (well just me and Webster of course) the house would NEVER be messy!!

I'm glad to see you are thinking about the good things in life too, that's always important :-)

Larissa said...
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Larissa said...

isnt it nice when you have a ton of stuff to be excited about!!

a weekend at the lake sounds jealous :D

and cute pj pants are to die for...i found a pair at target. :happiness:

have a lovely day!! <3

Crazy Shenanigans said...

The hearts were a nice touch! I too love holiday weekends!!!! 3 days off is fantastic!

Lesli said...

Awww, I am glad you are grateful for me, so to speak.

We are going to have so much fun on Tuesday!!!


Anonymous said...

isnt it great to still find somethings in life that excite us when some many others seem to take us down that dark path!? :) i'm so glad work is one that excites you and that weekend on the lake sounds amazing! im planning one to the beach soon... yay!

Shoshanah said...

I would say bathing suits alone make a weekend an A+. But are the others are a nice touch too!