Monday, April 9, 2012

Bullet update!

This is going to be a bulleted update. You don't mind, right?

  • Time is flying by. I cannot believe it is April 9th, Easter is over and I have only about a month to go for this semester. 
  • Speaking of this semester. April is a total pain in the ass. There is SO MUCH going on and now is the time I am really kicking myself for trying to tackle 6 classes and not do more at the beginning of the semester. 
  • Training is going fantastic! I could not be happier! I just wrapped up my third week and on Saturday I did my longest long run, 5 miles. I ran all five miles in under an hour and I'm so completely shocked at myself. Saturday was the first time I really felt like I, for sure, could run all 12.4 miles of the race and make it under 3 hours. I'm definitely not as scared now, which feels so amazing.
  • I recently planned out the rest of my graduate program and I am so bummed that this semester will be my last semester substitute teaching regularly throughout the week. :( In the fall I have classes during the day Monday-Thursday. I'm grateful I will have Fridays to work, but I know that is not enough. I'm going to really miss it. 
  • After that fall semester, I will be student teaching (so, one year from right now) and I am really nervous. Like, really nervous. I'm glad I still have many months to mentally prepare. 
  • I'm reading Fifty Shades of Grey (yeah, I couldn't resist all the hype) and boy, oh boy... Ummm, I get it now. I completely get it. 
  • I'm actually reading the book on my Nook! It was cheaper, and I didn't care to have the physical copy, so it made sense. I'm a little annoyed though, because it's not lendable. I just don't understand that. We already can only lend them out once, so why not make them all lendable?? 
  • Easter went well, but I ate way too much food. In fact, the entire weekend I ate horribly. Friday night after Zumba we went to Rock Bottom, where I fell in love with a new Cherry Wheat brew they have (omg, it was so good) and then on Saturday I had Mexican while working with a client, and then Sunday was Easter, so... Easter dinner, which included ham, party potatoes and other deliciousness. 
How was your Easter? Anything new going on in your life? 


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS on your training going so well! You'll do great at Dam to Dam,and you'll probably finish addicted :)

I ate like complete CRAP all weekend too....and I feel like it. Bleck. But, hopefully that will be motivation to make some smarter choices this week! Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

Great job on the running!

I want to eventually read those books just to see what it's all about. What does it mean to have a book that is lendable?

Anne said...

5 Miles...& no walking, frickin' wowza. I'm impressed!!! You go girl.

Amber said...

Way to go on your 5 mile run!

I have never heard of that book. What's it about? Might have to check it out. I am currently reading FOUR books and NOT into any of them. I need to get really into a book again!

Meghan said...

I definitely need to jump on the bandwagon for those books, I have to finish the hunger games series first lol.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am interested to hear more about that book! There are so few books that are lendable on e-readers. :( My SIL has a kindle and she said it's the same way w/ the kindle as well. It's too bad publishers won't allow more books to be lendable!

I am so glad that training is going SO well for you!!! You are going to do great, I just know it!!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I didn't realize that all the books were not lend-able. I have not tried to lend any books yet. I guess I just thought that since I bought and paid for the book, I would be able to lend it if I wanted.

And what is a "party potato?"

Jayme Shelby said...

I've never heard of that book. :/ And I'm totally with you on April being hard. I have SO MUCH due before the end of the semester. And I'm a total procrastinator. With 7 classes, I should have worked harder. Haha. And bravo for 5 miles. That's nuts.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Glad to hear you had a great Easter!