Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New addition to the fam...

Since Sunday I have been dogsitting for my roommates best friend's dog. It is the cutest little puggle named Zeke. He's so stinkin' cute it's almost unbearable!!

My roomie and her best friend warned me several times that Zeke can be a handful. They asked me repeatedly if I was sure I could handle him for a full week by myself as both of them will be on vacation. I assured them I was fine, I have grown up with a dog as a pet my entire life. I think can take adequate care of the little pooch. I wasn't too excited about it to be honest though. With starting a new job a couple weeks ago and being in a new relationship I was worried about having time to entertain Zeke.

I'm going to backtrack a little here.

About a month ago best friend asked roomie if we wanted to keep Zeke. Best friend had a baby less than a year ago and is in the process of planning a wedding. She felt like she didn't have time for Zeke anymore, plus best friend's fiance hated the dog. Roomie asked me, I said I didn't care but I couldn't keep him. Roomie told best friend no, that she couldn't take on another pet.

Ok, back to present.

So this week he's been great. We've really bonded! He's been sleeping on my bed and I even considered taking him on my mini day trip today to Minneapolis! Last minute I decided against it because I had never driven in a car with him and figured that 8 hours in the car probably wouldn't be the best time to try it out. Oh yeah, and I couldn't figure out how to work his harness thing....might have been that it was 7am and I hadn't had near enough coffee. Ha!

The BF even loves him and considered keeping him as well. Sweet, right?

Now, for the deal breaker. Roomie thinks best friends fiance is abusive to Zeke. Abusive as in kicks Zeke and tosses him around. Roomie says whenever she is over at their house Zeke acts really scared of fiance and stays far away from him. At their house Zeke spends all his time in the basement, practically locked down there and in the summer time out in the backyard. It doesn't sound like he gets much personal attention or play time with anyone.

I'm sick over this. The little guy is such a sweetie and he's not bad at all! The only thing he does that is remotely bad is eat the cat food, and I mean, what dog doesn't do that?!

My roomie is still on vacation and doesn't get back til Sunday but I'm hoping she lets me keep him. He's so flippin cute and no animal deserves to be neglected like he is! =(

Keep your fingers crossed for me that roomie doesn't mind and best friend wants to give him to me!!!

I left my camera at a friends house on Saturday, but once I get it back I promise I will post pictures of him!!


Amber said...

I hate it when people abuse animals. That is so so sad. I hope you get to keep him!

Lesli said...

You know where I stand on this. Nothing makes me MADDER than animal abuse. Plus, I am a fan of all pets--esp. Pugs....or a Puggle. I saw Zeke's pic & he is a sweetie & cutie pie. I hope, hope, hope you can keep him. In fact, I think I would REFUSE to give him back.

Anonymous said...

Animal abuse is such a terrible thing. I hope you get to keep him! Post some pictures if you can. I'd love to see the little guy.