Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Twenty five tid bits

This has been going around Facebook for sometime now. I actually started working on it last night, because what else am I going to do? ;)

From Facebook:

So everyone else is doing so I should too, right?! Here goes nothin' :)

1. I'm actually really shy until you get to know me. Once that happens and I'm comfortable, I'm really goofy!

2. I'm a total workaholic, I have to be busy all the time and have a really hard time saying no to new projects.

3. My dream job would be a writer. I would love to live off my writing and be a famous author.

4. I have one younger sister that is my total opposite. Deep down we really love each other but have a hard time getting along. I have always hoped that we will eventually grow closer as we get older.

5. I have three of the greatest BFF's in the world. Our group dynamic is very similar to the group dynamic on Sex and the City. I feel very blessed to have their constant love and support. Many people don't find what we have in girlfriends.

6. I'm extremely close to my mom. I have told her practically everything since I was very little. There is not much I do not feel comfortable talking with her about.

7. I'm not a big sports fan. It just doesn't hold my interest for very long. I was even a football cheerleader in high school and I still can't tell you what "first and down" means. But I know a really cute cheer for it when that happens! Ha!

8. I love kids and am definitely a kid at heart.

9. One of my biggest fears is that I won't be able to have kids.

10. When I was a year old my mom got my ears pierced. Apparently I didn't like them and I pulled one out. My mom left the other one in for a year. So for an entire year I had just one earring in. Wonder if people thought I was a boy?

11. I name my cat after my favorite job I have had so far in my life. Libby, she is all white with one black ear and a black tail. Cute!

12. Ever since I was little I have loved to write. It's a creative outlet for me that I really enjoy. I keep a blog but I like to keep it private from people I know in person. There are several reasons for this, A. I don't want to feel like I have to censor anything I write and B. I like my anonymity. If you find it, that's fine, just don't tell me! :)

13. I love to read -- you will rarely catch me with out a book. I read probably an average of one book per week. My favorite genre is chick lit (yeah, I'm not embarrassed) and someday I will write a chick lit novel. :)

14. I failed my drivers test when I was 16 because I hit a parking sign while trying to park.

15.I have an obsession with movies and own a small library of them.

16. I wear a ton of black and have a white cat, therefore I carry a lint roller almost all the time to keep the white hairs under control.

17. I can't sleep when I'm hungover. No matter what I will end up wide awake at 8am and it is so irritaing!

18. I do not like the taste of watermelon, root beer or Dr. Pepper.

19. I get bored with my hair really easily. Lately I've calmed down quite a bit, but it used to be a different color every 6 months.

20. Long hair is like a secruity blanket to me. I would love to try a chin length bob with it stacked in the back but I'm chicken!

21. I love being near water! Living on a coast is something I hope I get to do again someday. Waking up everyday to the ocean out your window is definitely surreal to me.

22. I love popsicles. My roommate thinks I'm weird because I eat popsicles in the winter.

23. I love the name Daisy and will someday name a daughter of mine that.

24. I'm a caffeine fiend. I have recently cut down my pop intake but I looooove coffee! :)

25. I am a total internet junkie. So last spring when I spilled water in my laptop and ruined it I was devastated.

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