Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why I blog...

Some people blog to get famous. Some people blog to show off their writing chops. Some people write to escape and be someone else for awhile.

I blog because I have always loved writing. Being a writer has been a dream of mine for, well since forever. I have always kept a journal or a diary since I was a small girl and knew how to put words together to create powerful setences.

I blog because I love the camaraderie I feel when I get comments from other readers. It's sort of like a sisterhood on here. The unbiased support found through other readers has pulled me out of some tough times. The readers I've found through my blog have become friends, so to speak. One that I have met in person and I now consider a fabulous friend. It makes me feel lucky to have found such powerful and wonderful women. When I can't find the support I'm looking for in my personal life, which truly isn't often, I know I can find it here.

I blog because writing was a career path I gave up almost nine years ago and sometimes regret.

All bloggers dream of having their blog be huge and reach that coveted 100 followers mark. If they don't, I really think they're pulling your leg. I mean, if you don't want that why is the blog public? If it's solely just for yourself it would be kept private, right?

As many of you know I have debated for a long time now about "going public" or not. For me it was a huge decision because once that is done and your "real life" family and friends have read it and know about it, there's no going back. You can't just say "Sorry! Now you can't read it!" Making it invitation only seems like such a hassle, but I've heard of bloggers that have had to do it. Some forced due to unfortunate circumstances. Taking it down and throwing away almost two years of writing is something I am not willing to sacrifice. But, would you sacrifice a decade long friendship? Of course not.

The thought of hurting someone through my writing has always been a nightmare I have dreaded. Although, I think all writers have gone through that at some point in their life. A character in a story that may be based on a true person and that person took offense. A situation you write about taken entirely wrong. An opinion taken too literal, or just brutal honesty being too harsh.

It's hard to put feelings down on paper. It's definitely a gift not everyone has. Sometimes it's hard to find the right word or the right way to phrase something. The dictionary and thesaurus are definitely two good friends of mine. I'm sure all good writers would agree.

Why do you blog? Have you ever upset people with your honesty? Is your blog open to your friends and family to read?


Lesli said...

I blog for all the reasons you just stated above, and I am pretty sure I will never be famous...and only 1/4 of the way to 100 followers. I wouldn't know what to do if I had 100 people follow my blog!

I blog because I love to write and if my writing touches a chord with someone occasionally, all the better. If I can entertain and make someone laugh or help them find a cute bag or recommend a good book or movie, that is good too!

While it would never be my intention to hurt anyone with my words, I still strive for honesty in all my relationships, so occasionally I might say something that someone might take exception with--but honestly I would say it to their face, too.

But mostly I write as a form of creative expression & mainly I do write for myself.

The icing on the cake is making new friends. That is truly the best. And I am so lucky to have found you, Amber, as my new friend!

Classy in Philadelphia said...

I blog for many of the same reasons as you. I even wrote a post on it a few months back!

My blog is pretty anonymous and I don't tell my friends about it, but I'm open to becoming friends with all my commenters, etc. It's definitely not private, but I like that it's a place for me to vent without having to vent to my real life friends or talking their ear off etc.

Amber said...

Lesli! Well said, making friends like you is definitely the icing on the cake! Can't wait for Jen Lancaster!!!

Jess, I totally agree about not wanting to vent to friends about stuff. I tell my friends just about everything and I've noticed myself pulling back more and more as we've gotten older (I know, sad) just because everyone else already has so much going on in their own lives. Marriages, families, new pets, job struggles, money struggles...etc, etc. On here, my issue is put out there and if someone wants to respond they are free to do so without being put on the spot!

Michelle said...

I blog for multiple reasons. I just like to write. Sometimes I treat my blog as an online shoebox, a place to keep stuff. I've met a lot of other great people online and it's nice to have the interaction. While I'm pretty public with my blog, I don't really advertise it with family and friends. I don't mention it in my Myspace or Facebook profiles. That said, I do have some personal stuff on my blog, it's mostly about things I like or places I've been. Looking back at the old posts can be fun. So much can change!

marisol said...

I started my blog as a place to call my own. Like Michelle, it started out as an online shoebox of sorts to posts things that I found interesting. Pretty soon I started posting more personal stuff about myself and only I can decide how much I want to share.

I only have one IRL friend who reads my blog & I actually freaked out about it at first because I wasn't sure how to react to it. But she is a good friend who lives across country and I value her advice and treasure her friendship so if she can give me some advice on something I posted, then that is just gravy baby.

I also like the friendships that I have made by reading other people's blogs and realizing that we are all very similar. I enjoy the kindness of strangers... does that make sense?