Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

My father recently had his 55th birthday last week. I'm over at my parents house for dinner and I came across the card my mom got for my dad. It said:

"Everybody needs somebody"

and inside it said

"I'm glad that somebody is you"

Isn't that sweet??! My parents have been married 27 years, will be 28 this August. The card my mom got couldn't have been more perfect. They have had their ups and downs but their love is unconditional and something I definitely hope to have somebody.

I agree with the card, everybody does need somebody!


Amber said...

SO cute! Happy Birthday to your dad :-)

Angela said...

OH Amber...I am NOT organized!!! I wish I was - you should see my work cubicle right now. My boss was just in here and I was so embarrassed at how messy it is!! Ha - but I'm glad I can pretend to be organized :) Thanks for leaving a comment!! xoxo

Larissa said...

aww, i hope someday to find what your parents have had for 27 years! how adorable is that card! happy birthday to your dad.

also thanks for the words of encouragement! I totally went to that website and am using it now :D

have a lovely time with your parents and a good weekend!