Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good news!

I'm moving!!!

I have been apartment hunting for awhile now and on Tuesday I decided to call the complex I was living in before I moved in with my roommate and they had a fabulous deal! If you sign a 12 month lease you get $100 off your rent every month! That makes my rent only $530 a month!

I move in April 27th and I cannot wait!! I really loved living there and can't believe I didn't call them sooner!

Telling the roommate is going to be hard, and I'm definitely avoiding it. I will do it soon though, I'm thinking maybe Sunday night because I have plans with her Saturday night and I don't want to put a damper on the evening!



Lys said...

That's GREAT news Amber! As for telling the roommate - honesty and asap is important. I told mine that I was planning on moving to my current place and she hemmed and hawed and acted like I never would move. She eventually learned I wasn't joking when I signed the lease and moved in 2 weeks later. I had told her 5 months prior that I was planning on moving when the lease was up. She didn't want to accept it and was unprepared come moving time.

Amber said...

What great news. I agree that you should tell your roommate asap. Just tell her that you prefer living alone and you no longer are in a financial situation where you NEED a roommate, or something along those lines!

marisol said...


Make sure you give her plenty of notice. I don't know if you have the time but at least 30 days is what I would want if my roommate (if I had one) was going to move out.

Did you get a one bedroom apartment? Decorating it will be fun. I envy how much you pay for rent. Mine is double that plus a bit more. Ugh!