Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tsk, tsk...

Dear gas station clerk,

I see the disapproving look in your eyes when I ask for a box of Marlboro Lights. I can practically read your mind, wondering "why is she smoking? Does she not know how bad it is for her?"

Yes, I know.

I know all the facts. Know them well.

Joking around with me and saying, "no," when I ask for them isn't really funny either. It's not like I'm a giddy 18 year old excited about being above the legal age. It's not like I want to smell (or taste) like an ashtray. That's not it at all.

So, you want to what it is?

I do not know.

But, if you could just give me my purchase sans snide remarks, I would appreciate it.



The Emery's said...

You crack me up!!

Michelle said...

Everyone's a critic these days.... I'm not a smoking advocate, but used to indulge myself. Last time I checked, it's still legal to purchase cigarettes if you're over 18. He probably wouldn't have batted an eye if you were there to buy beer.

marisol said...

Everyone has an opinion. You are a grown woman making a choice. Jeez!

I used to smoke Malboro Lights... oh how I miss them especially when I am having a cocktail. =)

Scintillating Salmagundi said...

he thinks you're pretty. gas station dudes like that creep me out...I always make a mental note to NEVER go back to that one, thank goodness for many options! :)