Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I woke up to a little a lot of plagiarism action today.

I'm sure many of you have already heard about the shenanigans *Miss Musing* has been up. Stealing work from cjane enjoy it and Velveteen Mind. Two blogs that I have added to my google reader and cannot wait to go read now.

Oh wait, I've read some of them already on MISS MUSING'S BLOG!

None the less, I'm still excited to add them and start reading them asap because that was where the true talent was. I have also added The Jet Set, because she did some of the investigating on this case and the little bit of her blog I have had time to read, I have liked.

I'm still a little in shock over this.

I read Miss Musing's blog all the time, and she even commented on mine a few times. Like Amber said, she seemed, well... perfect! It did not cross my mind to think her life seemed too perfect to not be real.

Now, I'm wondering. Who else out there is a phony? I'm wondering if now should I branch out more? Which sometimes I wonder how is even possible. If I don't read my Google Reader every day, it gets out of control full. This is a strange feeling of deception that I have never felt before!

I really want to know now, who is Miss Musing? Was any of it true? What is her life really like? Who else has this happened to? What did you do?


The Emery's said...

Well, in case you wonder...I'm me. Weird as I am.

That just stinks. But thanks for the heads up!

Michelle said...

check out Turquoise Ribbons - she had met Miss Musing once or twice http://turquoiseribbons.blogspot.com/

Lesli said...

Ha and I am me, too, obviously!! Flaws & all. I have never heard of Miss Musing....

I am going to do some investigation of my own!

Amber said...

Ya it's SO crazy. I wonder who she is too? Does she even have a boyfriend?

You know, I always thought her pictures looked like something out of a magazine. They were probably copied and pasted off the internet somewhere.

So creepy and weird.

PS: My google reader gets OUT OF CONTROL if I don't check it everyday too!!

Amber said...

I'm glad you all are who you are! :) Seriously, I couldn't get this off my mind today. I'm sure it happens ALL the time.

A Super Girl said...

I'm real...you can tell because I don't post religiously and with constantly fabulous content :-)

I found out about all this yesterday too and was too busy at work to really dive into it.

marisol said...

I had no idea any of this happened until I read your blog this morning. You already know how I feel about it.

How sucky... ugh! I hope she gets help.

And my life is real. It's flawed & not so perfect but it's mine. And I am ok with that.