Saturday, April 4, 2009

My day...

11am: Signed my lease today!! I'm soooo excited! 23 days till I move in! I think Libby is excited too... ;)

12pm: Pedicure with Mercedes - the best manicurist/pedicurist ever! I don't get pedicures regularly but I have been wearing flip flops to work lately and it's probably not appropriate to have nasty feet at work, right?? That's my justification and I'm sticking to it!

1pm-10pm: Work! Had a shoplifter today. She couldn't have been older than 14 years old. It's just so sad. When she tried to leave the alarm went off because she took something with a sensor. I had been keeping my eye on her for awhile so I was at the door waiting for her. She had on a bulky coat and when I asked her to open her jacket her "boobs" were literally down to her waist. Umm... yeah. Not sure what was in there and I really wish I knew (because it definitely wasn't a body part) but I guess I will never know.

10:20pm: Saw "I Love You, Man". It was great! I laughed the whole way through, which let me tell you, after this hellish week I needed it!

I'm scheduled to be back into work tomorrow by 9am (I know, I should be in bed right now. Sleep? Who needs it?) but honestly, I haven't been able to relax lately. I have had a lot going on. Not so much good, so trust me, you all don't want to hear about it. Ehh, maybe someday I will burden you with it. Ha! Just kidding. :) Although, basically I'm wishing I still lived 1200 miles away on the Atlantic coast, but I know that is not the answer. Althoooooogh, laying on the beach sounds just like the medicine I need right now. If I had vacation time and the money to do so, I would so be there!

Keep your fingers crossed for a good day at work for me tomorrow, otherwise I'm going to find a cliff and jump off it.


Amber said...

A pedicure sounds lovely and I can't wait to hear more about your new apartment! Did you break it to your roommate yet?

I hope your day at work is going OK :-)

Shoshanah said...

Congrats on signing your lease!

Amber said...

Yep, I told her tonight! It was totally fine, she said she figured I would since I got a new job and all! I'm so relieved!

marisol said...

Glad that things with the roomie went ok.

Now time to pack and to enjoy your new place.

Ayche Tea said...

Congratulations on the new place. You've been absent a few days shopping? ;)