Tuesday, February 4, 2014

FitBit Steps + workout summary 1/27-2/2 (Week 5)

This is week 5 of working out pretty aggressively and I am noticing a trend. I start my weeks out really strong and I'm ready to go Monday morning, but by Wednesday I am beginning to look and feel like a giant blob. I often refer to myself as a drained battery by Thursday.

Kids will do that to you, I suppose.

There really is no way around this. I have thought and thought about what I could change. There is nothing I can change.

Well, that's not true, there is always something you can change, but I am already working hard at making those changes without sacrificing some fun stuff. Last week we went out for dinner twice. Once on Tuesday night with my family to celebrate my birthday and once on Thursday night for sushi. Bill and I both had a rough day at work, and by the time Zumba was over at 7:15 all I could think of was FOOD! So, we splurged and split 5 rolls. It was delicious!

I love/hate sushi though. I cannot accurately log what the calorie count is in them and I always estimate, but I have a feeling my estimates are too low. For example, we split five rolls, so about 25 pieces each (omg) and I estimated that to be 1,000 calories. Does that sound right? A part of me thinks yes, but another part of me thinks no... The part looking at the creamy toppings that are undoubtedly made with mayo and the fried tempura make me think a loud, "NO!"
OH well. It was delish and I barely ate lunch and I worked out hard, so it was earned!

I've rambled enough. On to the stats!

My FitBit stats for last week: 

Total steps: 93,948
Total distance: 40.16 miles 
Total calories burned: 17,703
Calories in vs. calories out: -294
Weight change: Didn't weigh myself this week. 
Avg. sleep duration: Pretty much stopped tracking this, because I am terrible at remembering to put my FitBit "to sleep."

Here are my daily steps and how I moved:

Monday: morning: 3.5 mile run, evening: 30 minute core conditioning class + 60 minute Zumba class
Tuesday: morning: 3.5 mile run, evening: rest
Wednesday: evening: 60 minute Body Attack class
Thursday: evening: 60 minute Zumba 
Friday: morning: 30 Day Shred cardio + strength
Saturday:Rest -
Sunday:2 mile treadmill run

Last week was a little rough for me. We went to Baconfest here in Des Moines and then with the Superbowl on Sunday ... I ate like I could eat what I want. Oops! Turning it around this week though!

This week I am linking up with Jenn at Bliss to Bean!
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Amber said...

Something that really works well for me with my morning workouts is giving myself a "sleep-in" or rest morning. Pick a day where you know you'll be working out after work anyways (like going to Zumba!) and allow yourself to sleep in that morning. Ideally that would be Wednesday, so get up two mornings in a row and then sleep in on Wednesday and then do two mornings again! That's still four morning workouts a week and you can also do something Saturday or Sunday to make it five days a week working out, which I think would be awesome!

Since I have time at work right now I just did some googling on sushi and nutrition. Maybe this will help? It's based on 6 pieces per roll: http://www.sushifaq.com/sushi-health/calories-in-sushi/

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I actually think you are doing an awesome job with your workouts, especially considering that you sometimes/often do 2-a-days which is something I have never found the motivation to do! So keep up the great work!

My week of workouts was pretty good. I tried adding back some running intervals and it's going well so far. I am itching to run run run so have to really force myself to not over do it. Besides running I did water aerobics and some elliptical hill sessions.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

you rock!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I have to agree that you are doing great- and also that kids kill my energy by the end of the week lol.

Anyway, I am very big into making changes that can be maintained long term. This means it's really important not to sacrifice the fun stuff because you'll never do that long term. :)

P said...

Wow... just READING the amount of exercise you did this week has tired me out!!! Great going!