Thursday, October 20, 2011

National Writing Day

According to the National Council of Teachers of English, today is National Writing Day. I also found this out via Twitter via Mandy! Thanks Mandy! :)

So, why do I write?

I've always enjoyed writing. I can remember writing "stories" almost as soon as I knew how to write. The fact that I grew up with a love of books probably helped quite a bit. My dad is an even bigger reader than me and he always encouraged my writing. When I switched my major from journalism to fashion in college, the conversation with him was not a pretty sight ...

But, I digress. ;)

As a child in school, I immediately loved writing. I loved the feeling of putting words on a page, putting my thoughts on a page, just letting it pour out of me. Journal writing was probably one of my favorite activities in school and that satisfaction felt like nothing else. As a child I always kept a personal journal or diary (I would kill to still have those) and I continued writing through high school. As soon as I possibly could, I joined the school newspaper and wrote mainly features articles. I loved trying to figure out an interesting angle and writing articles that would appeal to readers. Most of my writing was cheesy and it was almost always for entertainment, but I loved every second of it.

After high school, and when I started college, one of the first things I did was apply to work for the college newspaper. Luckily, I was immediately hired (for a wage so small, I might as well have worked for free) and I got started on writing at the college level! By this time, the novelty of a byline had almost completely worn off. I remember one day my sorority house mother stopped me, with the school paper in her hand, and exclaimed, "Is this you?!" pointing at my byline. I clearly remember shrugging and said it wasn't a big deal. Looking back... I wish I wasn't so nonchalant. It was a big deal!

After my freshman year I quit working for the college paper and switched my major. I don't regret it 100%, because I learned a lot, but I do regret it at a little. I wish I had stuck it out - or at least double majored. I always wanted to write for a magazine, and combining fashion and journalism would have been perfect.

Today, I'm obviously a big fan of blogging. Although the style of writing is quite a bit different, and my blogging is rarely informative, I still enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed writing for a newspaper. Maybe more! I love the comaraderie that exists between fellow bloggers and I love the feeling I get when a post gets a lot of surprise attention. When I take a break from blogging - I miss it.

I also write because I enjoy documenting my life. Nobody can possibly remember all of the simple joys in their life each day and writing is a perfect way to get that happiness out and onto paper to hopefully enjoy again later. As bloggers, most of us love snapping photos of the small things in life that bring us happiness, like a simple cupcake or a book that is making us happy. I love that we share that with everyone else reading.

I believe everyone has a unique creative outlet. It could be singing, painting, dancing, sculpting, drawing... anything, really. My creative outlet has always been writing, and it probably always will be. It's been consistent for me throughout my entire life. Writing has, and will hopefully continue to give me that satisfied feeling of accomplishment for the rest of my life and I'm anxious to see what comes after my blogging adventure!

Why do you write? What would you consider your creative outlet in life?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I just answered this question on Mandy's blog! I basically said I write to connect with others and with myself; to capture the emotions of moments in my life; to sort through life. And for a whole lot of other reasons!

I don't really have a creative outlet... My writing style is not at all creative so I don't think of my blog as my creative outlet... I would say knitting, but I am following a pattern, so I don't think that happens! So maybe piano playing will be my new creative outlet!

Ashley said...

I consider blogging my creative outlet. Even though it's not always "creative", it allows me to sort through my thoughts and sometimes express them in a new way. I love seeing how the words pour out and then rearranging to create something even more meaningful.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I write for several reasons. It is therapeutic, it helps me remember things, it is fun! It's good to get into the habit; I know my journal writing has gone the way of the dodo these days!

I also love photography. I am still learning, but it sure is fun!

Megan said...

The documentation is definitely my favorite part of blogging - especially because I have a dreadful memory, so without putting my life to paper I'd probably forget half of it!

Amber said...

I spend a lot of my day writing between my job, freelance work and the blog. I have a journalism degree so I guess it makes sense :) I absolutely love writing and definitely consider it - and my blog - my creative outlet.

Great post :)

Marisa A. said...

I too wrote mannnny a short stories in my youth. And also was a reading fiend. I love writing because it forces me to think and process what I"m feeling. It's like free therapy! And the bonus of blogging is making awesome new friends :)

Mandy said...

I'm so glad that you write. And that because you write, we met and became friends.

Anonymous said...

I write because it is therapeutic. Reading and Writing (and now Blogging) have been my creative outlets. I also like rap? But I don't think that counts as creativity.

Shoshanah said...

I used to write stories all the time when I was little, and remember loving creative writing in elementary school. Obviously now I'm blogging most days, although I've pretty much giving up creative writing. I guess I just don't feel creative enough for it, ha!