Sunday, March 30, 2008

For the love of books!

While reading what Brandy's been up to over at It's like I'm... mmmagic! I found a great blog that she contributes to called Book me in!. I had to check it out and it's great! It has a lot of reviews on books that I have already read and some that are on my "to be read" shelf. I have always wanted to join a book club and I thought this would be perfect!

There was a comment on the blog about looking for more contributers, so I figured, why not??

I'm so excited, I just hope my writing can live up to the great reviews that everyone else has written! I plan on writing my first review on Jodi Picoult's most recent release, "Change of Heart". (at least that is the plan so far!)

Go check it out!


Lys said...

That's great news Amber! You must let us know when your first review is up.

Lesli said...

I have never read any of Jodi Picoult's books but I keep hearing about them. I wonder if I would like them. I saw the one you are talking about at Barnes & Noble this weekend.