Sunday, March 1, 2009

On the road again...

Since graduating high school in 2000 I have moved 15 times

1.) 2000-2001: Move from my parents house into the dorms at ISU
2.) Summer 2001: Move out of dorms back into my parents house
3.) 2001-2002: Move into the KD house at ISU
4.) Summer 2002: Move out of the KD house back to my parents
5.) 2002-2003: Move back into the KD house
6.) Summer 2003: Move to Kansas City for an internship with Ralph Lauren Childrenswear
7.) 2003-2004: Move back into my parents house (temporarily until I graduate)
8.) Summer 2004: Move to Kansas City, move in with my aunt for the summer
9.) 2004-2005: Get my first apartment with my ex-boyfriend's best friend's girlfriend (wow, did ya catch all that?)
10.) 2005-2006: Move across town into another apartment by myself -- first place completely on my own! Yay!
11.) 2006-2007: Move back to Iowa for work, move in with parents (temporarily again)
12.) March 2007-September 2007: Move to South Carolina for work
13.) September 2007-November 2007: Move in with my parents (temporarily - aaaagain)
14.) November 2007-November 2008: Move into another one bedroom apartment
15.) November 2008-present: Move in with a friend who owns a (small) two bedroom house

Is this normal? I really don't think it is.

The point of this post is, I'm thinking of moving again. The reason I moved into my friends house was to save money, but I'm really only saving about $3-400 per month. With this new position I can afford to live on my own again.

My roommate isn't a bad roommate, she's actually a great roommate, and I'm really worried she's going to take it personal but it's totally me! There's been a lot of changes in myself that I have noticed since moving in with her, and I don't like it!

- I'm not near as neat and clean as I used to be, and I think it's because I feel weird cleaning someone else's house.
- I hardly ever cook because her kitchen is so small and my kitchen supplies are boxed up because there is no room for them in her cupboards.
- I'm not reading near as much as I used to. Not sure if living with her has anything to do with it but I kind of think it does.
- I'm drinking a lot more than I normally would because she drinks so much.
- I'm irritable/moody a lot more lately. Constant PMS!

Those are pretty much the only things I have noticed in myself, but it's really bothering me!

Today I grabbed an Apartment Finder catalog and I'm going to start looking for a place. I'm thinking I will make my 16th move in May. Maybe this time I will stay awhile...I definitely have to think about it... I'm not 100% sure and do not want to make any snap decisions.


Lesli said...

It is HARD to live with someone else. I used to have two roommates, Leigh Ann first and then she moved out, and it was Misty. Both were close friends of mine TIL WE LIVED TOGETHER. Things just changed.

I think if you can afford it, you should get your own place again & be on your own. All your points are valid--reading less, drinking more, having your kitchen stuff still packed up, the litterboxes!!

Plenty of time to live with someone else when you get married!

Lesli said...

p.s. It is okay to move around a lot in your 20s, trust me!!!!!

Amber said...

Lesli, I totally agree with you. I will live with someone the rest of my life after I get married!
I have never lived with a guy but I imagine it is very different than living with a female!

Scintillating Salmagundi said...

I don't think I could have EVER dealt with a female roommate. Just be really careful and try to find the best affordable place you can! I know you will be so much happier. And that is ridiculous about the litter box should not be the only one cleaning it!!!! You only have the one cat!!!!

marisol said...

It is hard to live with someone. I live in a one bedroom apartment and I live in bliss. Sometimes it can get lonely but I love the fact that I can come home and do what I want. No need to worry about what my roommate may be doing or if they are in a good mood.