Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New eyeglasses!!

My glasses have finally come in! The last pair of glasses I bought was probably in high school and they lasted me all the way up to my senior year of college before they broke completely. Lets just say I was in desperate need of glasses!!!

My contact prescription is -9.00, so basically without contacts or glasses I cannot see anything! Everything is a big blur! Each year I got a lecture from my optometrist that I needed to purchase glasses in case of an emergency! Each year I was just too cheap to do it, and my insurance only covered contacts OR glasses. Not both.

I can't find a picture of the frames I got, but you will never believe where I found them! Walmart Vision Center! They were cheap and they're super cute! I was looking for very specific details in a pair of glasses and if you remember from this post, was having a hard time!

I wanted black frames, but not too trendy because I planned on wearing these for years and did not want to hate them in two years. I also wanted thick sides (or whatever you call the ear rest things) so that it would sort of hide the thickness of the lenses. I got the lenses shaved down, but they're still thick! Here are a few pictures:

So far, I really really like them! I'm trying to wear them a lot at home to give my eyes a break. At first it felt really funny and I kept getting that sort of lightheaded feeling but other than that I love them! The style is also so basic that I don't think they will ever go out of "style"! They're too simple! :)


Amber said...

Those are really really cute glasses! They kind of remind me of mine only mine are only half frames. I also have HORRIBLE eyesight and very thick lenses!

Scintillating Salmagundi said...

I like these! :)

marisol said...

Those are similar to mine. You just reminded me that I need to get a new prescription.