30 before 30

I turn 30 almost exactly two months from now.

It's a little scary. I'm not freaking out, so I don't want you to think that, but it does make you pause and think for a second.


Have I done thirty years worth of stuff? Some people might say I have, but I definitely don't think so.

I found this list I started in my phone earlier this year and I was really disappointed in myself that I didn't do anything with it. If figured I would post it anyway, and see what I have accomplished and what I still need to accomplish.

According to my phone this list was started on April 18 and I finished it on November 18. Finished making the list. Not doing the list. :/ 

1. Run a race (5k or 10k) Oct '11
2. Go on a cross country road trip May '11
3. Get down to my "healthy weight" (somewhere between 113-135 -- I'm a shorty!)
4. Bake a cake
5. Read all the books by Jane Austen
6. Watch Gone with the Wind July '11
7. Substitute teach 100 days
8. Alphabetize my books
9. Fall in love
10. Maintain a 4.0 Dec. '11
11. Go snowboarding for the first time
12. Write/call one of our senators about an issue I care about
13. Read 50 books for fun finished 50 in Nov. '11
14. Blog at least once every other day
15. Run a mile without stopping Oct 'll
16. Learn how to change a tire
17. Become an actual member at Hope (the church I try to attend each week)
18. Self host my blog
19. Participate in at least two blogger meet ups scheduled: Jan. '12
20. Read 5 non-fiction books completed Nov. '11
21. Start a book club July 'll
22. Substitute teach at every high school and middle school in DMPS
23. Take the mega bus somewhere scheduled for Jan. '12
24. Give up drinking pop
25. Blog for 30 days in a row
26. Start writing a book
27. Go on a hot air balloon ride
28. Submit an entry to Postsecret
29. Participate in a flash mob
30. Go on a spa weekend

As you can see... I have my work cut out for me. Some should be easy to cross off the list by the end of the year or early next year. Others... not so much!


Anonymous said...

30 is awesome, you'll love it. It's been the weirdest year of my life (so far). Can't wait until you're on "Team 30" with the rest of us!

Unknown said...

I love the list! sounds more like a Life List to me though. If we meet up for coffee is that considered a 'blogger meet up'? :) Good luck with your list!!

MK said...

This is a great 30x30 list! I think that I would add learn how to change a tire to mine. I haven't the foggiest idea and I'm sure if I got a flat tomorrow I would cry.

Congrats on maintaining a 4.0! I certainly couldn't do that with grad school.