Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fit Bit Stats 1/13-1/19 - Week 3

My FitBit stats for the week: 

Total steps: 96,112 - working on breaking 100k! It's hard in the winter!
Total distance: 40.36

Total calories burned: 18,055
Calories in vs. calories out: -1,715
Weight change: n/a
Avg. sleep duration: 6 hrs 49 min - still not accurate.

If you have been following these posts the past three weeks, maybe you have noticed these stats going UP?! I am very happy with these numbers, especially the calories. The first two weeks I had an overage of a little over 700 calories and this week (my third week) I came in under my goal! Woohoo! Nutrition is hard for me, so this is a huge accomplishment! Also, I do not feel like I deprived myself AT ALL. I ate within moderation and if I had something I shouldn't have (ahem, school pizza) then I just worked out hard to work it off!

Here are my daily steps and how I moved:

Monday: Regular early morning workout, 60 minute Zumba class at night. I could not stand the instructor for this class - way too much booty popping and more hip hop than I care for. Won't be back. :(
Tuesday: Regular early morning workout, skipped my PM workout in favor of sushi with an old friend!
Wednesday: Regular early morning workout, 60 minute Zumba class
Thursday:  Rest day. Not by choice though. I tried to get to the gym ... in a blizzard.... and got caught out on the roads with crazy drivers and traffic EVERYWHERE for an hour and half. I only went about 15 miles too. It was INSANE.
Friday: Regular morning workout
Saturday: Two hour "Zumbathon"! It was so fun!
Sunday: 60 minutes barre class that kicked my ASS. I need to add strength to my repertoire SO BAD.

So far this week has been going well. In addition to Sunday's barre class, I also got in a 30 minute core strengthening class before Zumba on Monday and I absolutely loved it. I'll have to report more next week, but I have a feeling the current week will be a great one for workouts!

This weekend we're heading to Spencer (my fiance's hometown) and I am determined to stay on track. My SIL works at the YMCA in town and I am hoping I can get a day pass there for Saturday and hopefully make it to a Zumba class or Body Pump. Their schedule is not online (weird!) so I am waiting to hear back from someone.

How are your workouts going? Have you tried anything new lately? Barre is newest for me and it is stinking HARD! I am pretty wimpy though with muscle strength. :-/ 

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Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Zumba is by far my favorite! I wish my favorite studio had child care!! I have not tried Barre but I have heard nothing but awesome things!! Great job Amber! Keep it up girl! :)

Julie said...

My workouts are going great, I decided to try the 30 day crossfit challenge. I need to post about it, maybe today as its a snow day. But said snow day had me fall back asleep and miss my class so today may be a rest day not planned but can't be controlled due to weather. I still want a fitbit also!

Amber said...

Maybe you posted about it already but what is your regular morning workout?

Great job getting so much movement in! I bet those fit bits are super inspiring!

Carolina John said...

Embrace the Barre! Once you get used to the movements you will see results. It's a very effective program.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, way to go! That is a great set of workouts. You are definitely hitting it hard so I can see why your calories in/out ended up the way it did. Way to go! I have not taken a barre class but I would like to try. I am just nervous my joints will not be able to handle it as they are pretty fragile, especially my elbow joints. Right now i am doing a lot of elliptical work outs, hill route walks on the treadmill, and some spin. I wish I could do body pump as I really need to tone up, but my RA is just not well enough controlled yet. :(

Lesli said...

Good for you! Barre is hard but so worth it! I do Zumba classes twice a week an hour each and one is a toning class with weights. Then I do barren burn, one hour, also twice a week. The elliptical I normally do EVERY day for 30-40 minutes but I am not perfect--I have been known to skip a day!

Lesli said...

*Barre burn! Or barren burn... ;-)