Thursday, July 10, 2008

Scary drill . . .

At my office we do fire drills and tornado drills periodically so everyone knows what to do during a disaster and do it quickly. Today we had a Violence Drill.

As I heard the siren go off, which was several intermittent blasts, I shut the door to my office and shut the light off. Then I was to hide somewhere so that I could not be seen through the door. At first I wasn't taking it seriously, I thought, "I will just continue to sit at my desk and work." Then I thought about how real that is. I work in a school, a college to be exact.

The scenario that we are practicing for could very well happen at my place of employment. I have come across several students that I would call capable of violent acts towards others.

This, to me, was just so scary and made me stop and think about what a vicious world we live in.

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