Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wine & Love : Subbing, ESL, and too much reading

Today I am participating in Nora's weekly feature, Wine and Love. Each week us bloggers post what we are loving this week and what is making us reach for the wine! 

This weeks loves: 

♥ Getting a subbing job on Wednesday! I did not expect to work, because most school's get out early on Wednesdays and the district I sub most in still pays their subs for a full day even though they're only working half. To get a job on Wednesday usually requires being requested. I have been requested two weeks in a row now! This makes me very, very happy. Double love!

♥ My ESL (English as a second language) classes. I'm taking two this semester. I've only taken one so far since I began working on my education degree and that was back in the summer. The more I learn about this group of students, the more passionate I get. Hence, yesterdays post. ;)

♥ Adding more charms to my Pandora bracelet. My mom got me two more charms for my birthday and I just love them!

♥ Introducing sushi to my dad, and him liking it!! I'm sort of surprised, even though I knew he would like most of it. For the most part, my parents really like the basic rolls and nothing raw, but it's a start!!

♥ Planning vacations! So far this year I am planning a trip to Vegas for Lesli's birthday and a trip to DC to see Becky. I'm SO EXCITED! I've never been to either place!

This weeks wines: 

→  The insane amount of reading for almost every single class this semester. I have no idea how I am going to participate in the three book clubs I am in and keep up on Modern Family, Revenge, The Big Bang Theory, The Middle, The Biggest Loser and The Bachelor.

→ So... I get it. Politics and religion are not well received in these parts. The past two times I have even hinted at the subject it got little to no reaction. Sometimes I think it makes perfect sense that politics and religion are two things people don't really talk about it, and then other times I don't understand why we don't talk about it more, so that we learn. I'm not blogging for comments, so I don't really care, but I'm still putting this as a wine because sometimes I would like to initiate a conversation about these subjects with friends in the blog world, but I understand it's a sensitive subject.

→ The fact that my "fat jeans" are no longer that, and they are actually regularly worn jeans. This is just not okay. I'm only whining about this once though. Time to take action and do something about it.

→  Revenge wasn't new last night. In fact, none of my shows were. I was so looking forward to coming home and watching Revenge... Booooo....

That's it for me! I'm super happy that I had more loves than "wines" this week and the fact that I was really stretching for the "wines"!!

What are you loving this week? What's been the highlight of your week?


Becky said...

Wahoo for being requested! And for coming to D.C.! :)

Wine: How slooooow this week has been going. The days at work have been dragging out like no one's business and every morning it's been horrible trying to get myself out of bed.

Love: Purging. I did our linen closet, and next up is our walk-in closet in our bedroom. I have a feeling the changes are going to be dramatic and I can't wait!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That's awesome that you were requested! Yea for you!! :) And for getting paid for a full day when you worked a half day!!

Wine: Recovery. Enough said.

Love: I have a quiet weekend ahead of me. Hopefully I will feel well enough to put 5-6 hours of studying in each day so I can get caught up on studying. I am feeling pretty stressed about it right now, especially with my potential trip to Charlotte next week (have to get doctor clearance to fly first, which is another thing I'm worried about).

Wow, my love turned into a sort-of-wine. Whoops.

Allison said...

When are you coming to DC?! I don't live THAT far...

Lesli said...

I am excited for our Vegas trip too!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on all the reading! I've read 5 chapters this week for school...that doesn't even include the stuff for 3 papers and 2 presentations... :(

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

You have some awesome trips on deck this year! How exciting and fun!!

I think that in order to get feedback on religious and political posts it has to be a) approachable to a wide audience and b) ask questions of your audience. I think answering questions makes it easier for people to talk about those things. It's your blog so you can of course do what you want but in my humble opinion I think just putting up a picture is not promoting much discussion.

And, honestly, being Canadian when I read almost ANY posts on any blogs in the states about politics I kind of skim them because it doesn't apply to me and I don't have much to say about it unless it's issues that also apply to Canada or worldly issues.

Hope that helps, just some honest feedback from me :) I used to blog about that kind of touchy stuff A LOT but now I tend to stay away from it but I always found that asking questions promoted a lot more discussion.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Hurray for getting called on a Wednesday! And it's great that you are loving your classes!

Wine: the rain. It has snowed/rained every day this week. Ug.

Love: going through and sorting and THROWING away a lot of old stuff. It feels great and I am also more organized to boot!

As for politics and religion, I think they are not always well received because a) people don't understand or b) people don't agree and don't want to say anything mean/wrong/offensive.

Ashley said...

Yay for fun trips and getting requested to sub!

As for the religion and politics posts, I just generally don't read them. It's not personal against the blogger, it just isn't something that interests me on a blog. Maybe that's how some other people feel too?

P said...

I must have missed the religion thing - I know nothing about politics but I'm always interested in the religion talk. I'm not particularly religious but as a pretty lapsed Catholic who did religious studies at school I always like to hear people's views on it. What did I miss???

pinkflipflops said...

I agree with Amber. My thought on the picture? I have no problems with immigration but I have a HECK of a lot of problems with the Bible and randomly quoting it to suit whatever need of the moment and I have no comment on the photo.. It's a photo. It didn't make me want to say ANYTHING.

Stephany said...

You got requested to sub because YOU'RE AWESOME! :) Of course!!

I don't generally comment on politic-type posts because I'm just not well-versed in that area and don't have all that much to say.

But faith and religion? Oh, I could talk about that ALL DAY LONG! Hehe. I feel that most people who criticize religion do not understand the purpose and the point of Jesus' message, plain and simple.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Have you ever thought of teaching abroad for a while? I know they've got those programs where teachers can go to other countries and teach english. I've got a friend who did it and she said it was an amazing experience. I don't know why I thought of it, but I think you'd love it!