Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sneak a peek inside my medicine cabinet!

Everyone loves snooping through someone else's medicine cabinet, right? Don't lie... we all do it! Or, want to do it... It's okay!

Ok. So, no, it's not okay, but it still gave me a good idea for a post!

I love those posts where bloggers share the contents of their purse or refrigerator, what's on their nightstand or bookshelf or even what's in their car! I'm just nosy like that.

So, today I thought I would share what is in my medicine cabinet. I don't really use my medicine cabinet for medicine. It's full of products. Hair products, makeup products, skin products... I love it all!

This post sort of got out of hand as I started writing out all the products I own. So, if you make it through all of this, you probably deserve a medal or something. Let me know if you made it. I will get your medal right out to you... ;)

I think I'm good for at least the next year and shouldn't need to buy ANYTHING for a long time. Please tell me I'm not alone...

{Excuse the blurriness. I was trying to make it big enough so you all could see what I was talking about}

I was going to put numbers in there, but I think it's too small.

Starting on the top shelf from the left:

1. That gold bottle is spray on hose. No, I'm not kidding. I stole it from sister and I love it. I only use it in the summer, and it gives my legs that extra tan and they match my arms. My legs never seem to get any sun!

2. Redken Guts. This stuff has been my go-to root lifter for a few years now. It's easy to apply and the bottle tends to last me a long time. Love this stuff!

3. John Frieda Luxurious Volume hair spray. I'm a big fan of the John Frieda line. Their blonde shampoos and conditioners are amazing for blondies like me. Every time I use it, people ask me if I had just gotten my hair done. It brightens it up that much!

4. That little silver bottle behind the white bottle? Kenra silkening gloss. This stuff is amazing and smells heavenly! Another product that I have been attached to for a few years now.

5. The white bottle is a new heat protectant I am trying from Fantastic Sam's. It's a knock off of It's a 10 Leave In Conditioner, and I use it to protect my hair from the heat I subject it to on an almost daily basis. So far I like it. I'm not raving about it like the stylist at Fantastic Sam's was, but I like it. (btw, I get my hair cut at Fantastic Sam's and colored at Regis. My hair is long so it's just a trim, and I hate paying over $15 for a cut - I'm cheap like that).

6. Jergen's self tanner. This stuff stinks, like literally, it smells bad. But, it's that or cancer so I only use it twice a week at night. Otherwise I'm pasty white and I can't have that either.

7. That little stack has three products. (do you see a problem here? I do.) The top bottle is Redken Aerate, which is a creme mousse that gives my hair awesome body. The second one is Bed Head Manipulator which I use for my hair when I curl it. The third one is Kenra texturizing taffy, which I also use when I curl it.

8. That white bottle is lotion. Pretty sure it's just St. Ives extra dry skin stuff. In the winter I practically need to bathe in lotion otherwise my skin is so dry and scaly. Not pretty!

9. Cetaphil moisturizing cream. This stuff saves my skin every winter. I use it before bed and I swear it helps ward off breakouts.

10. Box of bobby pins (thank you Club Libby Lu for the lifetime supply of bobby pins).

11. Contact solution

OK, now we can move onto the bottom shelf! From the left again:

1. Clearasil foaming cleanser and Clearasil astringent. I use both of these nightly and swear by them.

2. The black case is my eyeglasses, which I only wear at night!

I cannot figure out what purple bottle is for the life of me. It's not there now (I took the picture a few days before writing this post). It's a mystery!

4. Generic brand of Oil of Olay facial moisturizer. This is the moisturizer I use in the mornings!

5. Lovespell body spray - I have loved this scent since I was in college! I don't care what anyone thinks, I've always loved this one. :)

6. A glass of shells. Yes, a glass of shells from the beach. Why you ask? My sister brought them back for me from Cancun, to decorate with (my bathroom is in a beach theme) and I just haven't gotten around to it. They've been sitting in here ever since...

7. Tums. Totally necessary sometimes!

8. Heavenly from Victoria's Secret. I hate that this is "America's #1 scent" because I just love it so much! I don't like smelling like half the women in America so I don't wear it very often anymore. :/

9. Small bottle of Sweet Pea lotion from BABW

10. Toothbrush holder. I have to keep it enclosed somewhere because I have this weird fear that germs will be all over my toothbrush if I don't...

11. Toothpaste! I love that Vivid White kind!

12. Deodorant. I'm not loyal to a certain brand. I'm not a super sweaty person, so usually any kind works for me. Although, recently I bought a "natural" deodorant that didn't have aluminum in it and ... it's not working out so well.

13. Unconditional Love perfume by Philosophy. I got this for Christmas and I just love the scent, but it doesn't seem to last all day.

14. Acne medication. I coat this stuff on when I really need it, and then just use a small layer on trouble areas before bed at night. I also credit this routine to keeping my face clear.

Whew! I cannot believe how much crap I have crammed into this small cupboard! I only told you about the stuff you can see, there's more behind it all! Clearly I need to learn to simplify when it comes to products!

Really though, I blame my mom, (hi, Mom!) she's an extreme salon product advocate and always has something new. ALWAYS. She's always giving me new stuff to try (which, I'm totally grateful for. Please, don't stop) and get addicted to. Her favorite line? Kenra products. My favorite line is probably Redken products, with Kenra in a close second. I don't like Redken's shampoos and conditioners though. I tend to switch up my shampoos and conditioners quite a bit, but I always use salon (except for John Frieda, which I get at Target).

So, what is in your medicine cabinet? What are your must have products that you use daily? Do you splurge on salon products?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow! That's alot of products!! I don't have a medicine cabinet, and don't think I ever have in any of the bathrooms I've had since I left home! So I have a couple of essentials on my sink that get used daily. And then in my linen closet I have other stuff. I actually went through all of my bathroom/beauty/makeup/etc supplies when I moved and I got rid of ALOT of things!! So now I really don't have that many products!!

Fashion Meets Food said...

My first thought was wow that is a lot of products. However I looked and saw that I keep things in numerous places, because my medicine cabinet is so small.I can't wait to have a bigger medicine cabinet, maybe I wouldn't be so frantic in the morning lol. xo

Lesli said...

Haha! You ARE a product junkie--but I am too! You gave me some good ideas!

Miss Oakley @ Observations by Miss Oakley said...

I'm going to be real here: Every time I go in your bathroom I look in this cabinet. Why?? Because I've never seen so many products. Also, your bathroom always smells good. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. And finally, I like the candles you have going on in the bathroom (not pictured...but I know they're there.)

Marisa A. said...

Haha product junkies unite! But as an employee of BBW (proper acronym for bath and body works ;) ) it's hard not to be one. I love Kenra products too. They smell soooo good!

Stephany said...

Oh, this is a fun post! Let's see, some products I use daily: Tresemme for shampoo/conditioner (I just cannot fork over the money for salon-style products!), Cetaphil facial cleanser/moisturizer, Crest for toothpaste (I'm not loyal to any toothpaste. I use whatever, ha!), Secret for deodorant (also not very loyal but it's usually what I buy), Bare Minerals for all make-up needs. Aussie for any other hair product needs. (Usually, I just shampoo/condition, blow dry, and straighten. I don't use anything else.) I'm sure there are other things I use but those are the big ones!

I should try the John Frieda blonde line! It may help me keep my color for longer so I don't have to go every 6-7 weeks! Also, Kenra? I've never heard of this line. Where do you get it?!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Haha wow that is a lot of products!! I am super, super, SUPER low maintenance when it comes to beauty stuff. I should blog about it. I use nothing in my hair except for the occasional spritz of hair spray and I only use aveeno lotion (MUST since I have very dry skin) on my face and then bronzer, eye shadow and mascara on most days. Lots of times I JUST wear mascara though. On the rare occasion when I'm getting dressed up I wear eyeliner too ;)

Kara said...

I don't have a medicine cabinet, just a couple drawers! I love the idea of this post though, I may have to borrow it one of these days.

And - since I don't have a medicine cabinet - I don't have too many products! Stuff that I use daily is my face wash, toner and finishing creme for my irritating acne, and then the usual - concealer, mascara, lotion, deodorant, etc!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

That's a lot of stuff! I barely use makeup and don't use product on my hair AND I move around a lot, so I only keep travel sized bottles of a few things: shampoo, conditioner, contact solution, toothpaste! That's pretty much it!