Sunday, January 1, 2012

How I will kick 2012's butt!

Happy New Year, Friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday! I'm still in awe that it is 2012... It just doesn't seem possible sometimes!

I debated on resolutions this I do every year. Most of the time I think resolutions are recipe for failure, but I do, however, enjoy goals and planning and working towards something. So rather than set extremely specific resolutions, like lose 30 lbs (don't I wish), I'm going to set some broader, more flexible goals in regards to the major areas of my life.

Graduate School:
This one's easy. I want to get better at doing work right away and not waiting until the last minute. I can be the world's worst procrastinator and even though the work is always good enough, it could be better if I had started it sooner. In my program we do quite a bit of research and although it's easy to earn an A, the work is really what you make of it. I actually enjoy research, so I really hope I can work on this one.

A couple months ago I toyed with the idea of a 12 in '12 goal and run 12 races in 2012. I want to run all timed races. I usually participate in races for the social aspect, and this year I want to focus on running faster and longer, and I can still focus on the social aspect that way too! You're supposed to be able to run and talk at the same time, right? This race goal will naturally involve more running and exercising, so it's not just me saying, "run ____ amount of miles each week.

I would also like to get better at scheduling my workouts. Towards the end of 2011 I got much better at this, but the weeks I was really busy were when I really failed. I would like to get up each morning and work out at home (probably the 30 minute shred) so that I at least have something to fall back on if I don't make it the gym that day. This next semester is going to be insanely busy - I have to have a plan!

This ones tough. I have so much swirling around in my head lately in regards to diet. Lately something I eat regularly makes me feel sick, I'm not exactly sure what it is. I'm narrowing it down, but I have a sneaky suspicion that I will be experimenting with a more plant based diet this year to see how it makes me feel. I would like to work more towards cutting out processed foods and meats, so this means I will have to cook more. Which means, I will have to plan ahead, because again, my schedule is insane. Sometimes I just don't have time to cook! I'm going to try and work harder at making the time.

2011 was THE YEAR for blogging. In 2011 I blogged consistently for the first time ever. I never took more than a week or two off at most. In 2012 I want to take it further and develop quality relationships with readers. I want to respond to the posts that I read with thoughtful comments, and not just a "That's awesome!" comment. If I'm going to read someone's blog I want to make sure I leave a comment that is genuine and explains why I think something is awesome.

I also want to do better at responding to comments. I'm terrible at answering questions people ask in the comments of my own blog posts. Mainly because I think I get irritated with the "no-reply@blogger"... if you don't have your email set up on commenting, why?? I'd like to be able to respond to you!

I have a secret. I love to read.

You already knew that? Oh.

I do have a secret though.

My days are numbered here at ALPITC. Sad, right? When I graduate in 2013 and get a permanent teaching position I will most likely retire this blog and only write a book blog. Professionally, I think I have to. There's just way too much on this blog that is personal and may not be appropriate if my students found it. This doesn't have much to do with reading. I realize that.

So, in 2012 I want to read more than I read in 2011. This may seem crazy, because I'm taking 18+ credits each semester (I know. I knoooow) but I read a TON of young adult and middle grades so it's easy to read a couple of those a week. In 2011 I read 57 books and in 2012 I set a goal for myself to read 60 books.

Here's how I will kick 2012's butt in just a few areas of my life! There are many more, but rather than bore you with all my goals for the new year, how about you just read this year and find out?!

Hope your New Year treated you well this year!

Did you set goals or resolutions this year?


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I think those are some great "goals" or "resolutions" or whatever you want to call them! I would also like to read more in 2012. I've been reading lots since I got my kobo so hopefully this won't be too hard. I only read 21 books in 2011!

Scheduling your workouts will help so much. I know it does with me!

Good luck!

Stephany said...

I just bought this calendar at Target for, like, $1.50 to schedule my workouts. I get in 4-5 a week, but I want to make sure I'm hitting all my targets. I hope this will help me!

As for teachers with personal blogs, do you read She teaches high school and has a personal blog. Just a thought..... :) (But I totally understand where you're coming from! When I was in College of Ed orientation we were told to delete our Facebooks.)

Anyway, cheers to a great 2012! Let's make this the year we meet, mmkay? Hehe.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am sad to hear that you will be retiring your blog. :( I mean, I know I will still know what is going on in your life, as we are friends, but I'll miss reading it here! I write alot of personal things in my blog, and there is always a chance that someone from work will find it, but I don't really worry about that anymore because I don't really talk about work or what I do or anyone at work, so I think it would be fine if someone stumbled upon it!

Back to the post at hand - this is a great set of goals for 2012. I hope you figure out the diet thing. I struggled for years with stomach issues. Removing gluten was challenging, but has made a world of difference. and then removing dairy (and only have it 1-2 times/week) has also made a huge, positive impact! Good luck figuring out what is causing your issues!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

With goals like these, you are definitely going to kick 2012's butt!!! You'll have to keep posting on your reads!

Suz L said...

I hate the no-reply@blogger thing too! That and word verification on comments make me so frustrated.

And say it isn't so! I don't want you to retire from blogging!

Allison said...

Yeah, I was thinking what Stephany wrote... there are teachers with personal blogs. Maybe you should start another one that doesn't use your full name. That way you're not Googleable. And if you don't mention your students, school or work ever, you can't really get in trouble for it. I think your blog is totally safe and I don't think you'd have any issues. You might need to go back and edit / hide some posts, or just start from scratch, but I don't think you need to resort to just writing a book blog. Unless that's what you really want.

Nicole said...

I like these goals you have. Diet is a hard one- I honestly didn't change much about mine until I did Goals in Motion (GIM) in fall of 2010. Literally changed my life. I realzied how many foods were upsetting my stomach and now know what to avoid (or how i'm going to feel if i don't avoid them).

As for the 12 races...I want in!!! Let me know what your list is. :)

Good luck on your goals!!

Anonymous said...

I really like the 12 Races in 2012 idea! I think I might try to do that as well!

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of you retiring your blog. Yet, I understand. It's a hard decision. I've made a conscious effort on my blog not to talk about anything I wouldn't want a future client reading...However, I don't know. Why have a personal blog if you can't blog about personal stuff?? I'm seriously on the fence...and I will support whatever decision you make about whether to continue to blog or not.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I think it's good to have goals. If you don't, you won't even try to reach something! I definitely think that having a workout schedule is KEY. Without it, you will have a hard time keeping on track.

I also have goals. I usually start with one or two now and then others come up as the year goes by. I want to read a book a week and do 12 races this year. Other than that, we shall see what happens!