Monday, January 16, 2012

It's my blog and I'll blog about what I want to!

Classes start tomorrow and I have to admit, I'm excited.

I really, really enjoy being in the classroom and it doesn't matter if I am the student or teacher. Either one suits me just fine, and in the past year I have figured out, that it is one of the places I am most happy.

We have had a full month off for the holidays at my university, which is a week longer than most. It's been great, but I'm ready to get back into my regular routine of substitute teaching and attending classes.

When I first started writing this blog post, I thought, why would I talk about the classes I'm taking? Nobody wants to hear about that, but you know what? It's boring. But, it's my blog, and I want to write about it! Maybe some of you won't find it so boring!

This semester I am taking SIX classes. This is only slightly insane for graduate school.

Ok. It IS insane. I don't have much of a choice though.

My program isn't a traditional MBA or other graduate program though. It's basically a teacher prep program with a graduate student component thrown in. We do the same work as the undergraduates do, but we have something extra do during the semester, which is usually research. I've mentioned this before, but I LOVE research. I love searching for articles and analyzing the data. Which, makes me seriously considering working on a PhD someday. That's a post for another day, though.

This semester I'm taking quite the mixed bag... Since I am working on four endorsements, I always end up focusing mostly on one each semester. This semester it's ESL (English as a Second Language) and a couple of middle school classes and reading classes. I'm loading up on as many endorsements as possible, in hopes that I will be more marketable when I finish and begin looking for a permanent position.

So, the classes.

1. American History - Yes, I'm taking an American History class and I AM SO EXCITED about this one, I'm probably the most excited about this one, but also nervous because I'm sure it will be a lot of reading. This class will contribute towards my middle school endorsement. The MS endorsement is all content area classes, and I'm looking forward to it because they're basically electives to me! Most of the endorsement is already satisfied with undergraduate work (which is great for the pocketbook) but I think I will have to take about 4 classes to earn this endorsement.

2. ESL Methods - In this class we will learn how to teach ELL students, I'm pretty sure this requires time in the classroom as well, which is great!

3. Science Methods - Like the PE Methods class I took last semester, this class teaches us how to teach science! All of the methods classes require so many hours in the classroom (usually 10)

4. Social Studies Methods - Just like ESL and Science, we learn how to teach Social Studies! This is one of my favorite subjects, so I can't wait to get my hands on some content!

5. Issues and Assessment in English Language Learners - I'm not sure what this class entails quite yet, but it's taught by my advisor and I really like her! She was an ESL teacher at my middle school growing up - but of course I didn't know her because I wasn't an ESL student. ;)

6. Literacy Assessment and Instruction 2 - I took the first class in this series of classes for my reading endorsement in the fall and enjoyed it. It was mainly a class that taught the many different assessments for reading in elementary aged students. I wish I could say I enjoy the classes for my reading endorsement, but I really don't. I find them rather boring. I hope they get interesting soon...

Fun fact: in Iowa, the reading endorsement is what the ESL endorsement is to states like Texas and California. With this combination of endorsements I'm pretty sure I could teach anywhere in the US. Although I do not plan on moving out of Iowa, you really never know.

Did you make it through all of that? Really? You rock.

For those of you off today, I hope you take a moment to think about the significance of this holiday. For those of you not off today, I hope you also take a moment.

If you could take any class on any subject, what would you take? What was your favorite subject to study in school?


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Obviously I did not find this post boring, though I will say I am impressed that you love being in the classroom. I am so very over school at this point and I basically suffer through any class that I take. The bummer is that there is still so much I want to know, but so many classes I take are so boring!

I think your history class will be awesome- my American history classes was one of my favorites in college. I'll also be interested to hear about your ELL class- I've just taken 2 ELL courses and I swear, I have yet to learn anything really great and yet I still really need help my with English Language Learners.

I hope your reading class is good this semester. That's what I got my masters in and it's my favorite subject, though I can't say I ever had a really fascinating class on it in school.

Peter said...

I'd study astronomy!

With an exclamation point!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I used to love school my first two years of college. I took english, history, poli sci courses and was totally immersed in learning. I love love loved it and I sometimes wish I'd just been a liberal arts major or something, even though that probably wouldn't have got me a career ;) The last two years when I was doing my journalism and PR specific courses I got seriously burnt out!

Sometimes now I find myself missing school though. I just loved the learning atmosphere. I would love to go back and re-do my first two years of college. I didn't appreciate those two years enough :)

Eric's program is pretty intensive and they do 6 or 7 classes each semester. By the end of last semester he was at school for 12 - 14 hours every single day!!

Kara said...

I think if I could take a class in any subject I wanted, I'd take Chinese language. My university offered two courses (essentially Part 1 and 2) but they always conflicted with classes that were mandatory for my degree. Poop!

I think my favourite subjects to study in school were actually my electives - I took a few psychology and philosophy/ethics courses and they were always so intriguing! I also took a black & white photography class and it was amazing - a lot of extra time at the school, but a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Six classes! Good luck sister! Hopefully we'll get to see each other a couple times this semester...all my classes are Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun.

Stephany said...

I remember taking almost all of those classes when I was an education major! Social Studies was my favorite course I took during my time, mainly because my professor was a middle school social studies teacher and had such a huge passion for the subject. She *really* made me want to switch to secondary ed. (And now I wish I had!)

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Six classes is a lot! Good luck! I really liked History as a subject to discuss, but not to test on. Actually there were a few subjects which I would have loved if there were not tests! Physics is interesting, but the exams were BRUTAL! I loved English classes but they are so subjective! My favorite class was probably Exercise Physiology or Anatomy. It is just fascinating to figure out the body!

Mandy said...

Good luck with all your classes, miss! I know you will rock them. Sometimes when I see people posting about school it almost makes me miss college. Almost.

Emmy said...

I love - both teaching and learning about - anything to do with race, ethnicity, and gender. I'd never make it in Arizona these days.

P said...

My favourite class at school was Drama, with English a close second. I also loved Art, but was rubbish at it. :-(

Shoshanah said...

What's funny is that I didn't really take history classes in college. I guess with my double major I didn't really have the time. Plus I didn't really want to write papers. Although now, I'd love to go back and take a college level history class, basically only because I think it would be fun, and I love reading historical books.

pinkflipflops said...

I loved my Social Studies Methods class.. My Science class meh.. I loved my history classes. I need to email my advisor this week, I am taking online classes this summer, working on my masters. fun fun funnnnnnnnnn.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yikes! That is a lot of classes! I am glad it's topics you are passionate about - that makes a huge difference.

If I could take any class right now, I'd take a French language class. :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I always loved geography and world history!