Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Heart Friday ♥

It's Friday afternoon and super gorgeous outside... guess what I'm doing?!


I. am. so. exciting.

Later I'm going to see Something Borrowed with a friend, but that's not til 8 or so. I'm even skipping happy hour! GASP! I know! (I think I needed a break though. Do you have need a break from the regular people in your life? I do.)

I've got to study hard, though. I have to ace my hardest final on Tuesday if I want an A in the class. My goal is to get the study guide done today so I can study off it as much as possible Sat-Mon. My mom keeps saying a B is still good, which I agree. But, I keep saying but, I'm capable of an A, and I want an A!

Anyway, on with Heart Friday! (which is basically just my version of a bulleted post....)

♥ Wednesday night I had a second date with a great guy and it went great! I love it when the conversation flows easily and time flies. Fingers crossed! He got bonus points because he is a member at my church! I think I've mentioned before that the church is huge, so it's easy to not know if someone is a member or not. I am not technically a member (honestly, I don't think I can spare the tithe), but I always give what I can. I digress, either way, I was pleased! ;)

♥ The Kathryn Stockett event was fantastic! She was funny and very honest. Almost too honest. Some of the things she was saying were blowing me away. I think she was trying to be funny, but it wasn't that funny. Like when the interviewer asked her if she did a lot of research for this book, she replied with, what research? I don't research! She was joking, of course, but it was kind of hard to get it. She should have added a wink or something.... Her accent was kind of thick, but not so thick that you couldn't understand her. Just kind of a slow drawl... It was pretty, don't get me wrong, we just talk so different up here. So much faster, I guess. The way she talked was getting on my nerves a tiny bit. Other than that, I loved it. She mentioned several other books that she loved, like Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand and Room by Emma Donoghue.
(Kathryn Stockett (right) with the president and founder of Rainy Day Books,Vivien Jennings.)
(The door prize my sister won. They even commented when they drew her name, how she had come from far away! Des Moines is about three hours from Kansas City.)
(My sis and I after the event. It's such a grainy picture, though! Too bad cause I liked it.)

♥ Next week I am heading back to Kansas City for the Jen Lancaster book signing in (two signings within a week!) and I couldn't be more excited! Not only do I get to spend time with the lovely Lesli, I know we're going to have plenty of laughs with the hilarious Jen!

♥ The house hunt is still going on. My friend decided not to move in with us (which was probably for the best) so it's just my sister and I. Things are working out so well with just us two, I'm taking it as a sign. Why tamper with a system that is working so well in the first place? I'm excited to move into a house though. A yard sounds so amazing. I know the dogs would agree...

♥ My fingers and toes are pretty in pink and I'm loving it. I can now show my toes without feeling embarrassed at their desperate need of a proper pedicure! I usually only get 1-2 pedicures a year, and keep up with them myself in between. In the winter I let it go though. No point when I just cover them up with thick socks!

♥ I am obsessed with the sleep cycle app on my phone. I look at it in the morning before anything else! I'm so fascinated by the science in our sleep patterns. I can't stop looking stuff up about it! Am I a nerd?

♥ Tomorrow is the first Farmer's Market of the year downtown and it's a little weird how excited I am for it! Last year was the first year I really went regularly and I am looking forward to continuing that this summer! (Zeke is too...)

Well, I'm out. Gonna go back to the back and count down the minutes until I can see Something Borrowed! I've already heard from Lesli that it is soooooo good! I trust her judgment, so I know I really am in for a treat!
Me, reading on the way home. The deal was I would drive there if my sis would drive back. Since it was late I needed my little Nook book light. :) PS: I think my sister has finally realized I really am a total nerd. She says she wasn't bored, but I think she kind of was...

Have a wonderful weekend!


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I can't wait to hear what you think about Something Borrowed. I saw it today at noon and thought it was really good! If I hadn't read the book I don't think I would have liked it as much though....

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Looking forward to hearing what you think of the movie! I read a review that ripped it apart, but that's pretty typical so I am taking it w/ a grain of salt...

Exciting that you had a fabulous date! Yea! Hope you have a 2nd one!!

Good luck w/ the studying! I know the feeling of wanting to get an A. I hope you get one, but if you don't - don't beat yourself up, ok? It's not worth it!