Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Checkin' in! :)

I wish I could say that I was checking into a hotel, but sadly, I am not. A little getaway sounds amazing, and I can't wait for trip later this spring! I am just checking in because I am slipping back into my neglectful ways with this little blog. It's temporary though, I will be back daily soon.

Finals are next week and I am so ready to get them over with. I only have three paper and pencil tests, but they are all pretty much back to back.

I. hate. that.

It's such a pain to not have adequate time in between tests to mentally prepare. I best get used to it though, if my workload stays the same it's going to be like this each semester.

I'm not complaining though... really, I'm not (it's more of a whine - teehee). I really do love this schedule. Being a college student again is a dream come true. Since graduating from undergrad, going back to school has always been something I knew I would eventually do, so it's great that I have this chance.

Anyway, moving on.

My video got an A! Thank you for all the suggestions on songs, I (obviously) went with You've Got a Friend in Me from Toy Story and I thought it was perfect! Thank you, Lisa for the suggestion.

My grade was actually a low A because I missed a few points for not having any original content. I'm actually a little peeved because the instructor had to approve the footage and when I gave her mine she didn't say a word. If she would have said something I would have been sure to add in a funny video or something. I'm thinking about complaining, but we'll see. I'm teetering between an A and a B in the class. There's 25 points left (the final) and if I get a minimum of 20 points on the final I will still have an A. I'm thinking I should just let it go... the final is one essay question and I know the question so I should be able to ace that. I am so not a complainer. Sometimes I wish I was, but I'm just not. I'm sure I would get more if I spoke up more. Just not me, though.

My other two classes are much harder, longer essay tests with some multiple choice. One of them is going to be rough. And long. I am nervous. I'm teetering between an A and a B in that class too... Hopefully I ace the final and get high marks on the 10 page paper I just turned in.

So, besides finals I have lots of other fun stuff going on!

Tomorrow I am headed to Kansas City to attend a reading with Kathryn Stockett, who wrote The Help. I am extremely excited! The ticket also includes a signed copy of her book, so now I have an electronic version of her book and the physical book. Anyone with a Nook want to borrow my electronic copy??

Friday I am going to see Something Borrowed with a very old friend, I am so pumped! I think it's going to be great. I introduced my friend to this series right after it came out (in 2006?? 2007?) and she loved it too, so I am excited to share it with her! :)

Saturday morning the Farmers Market downtown starts!!!!!!! We have a big group of us planning on going and we're thinking we're going to get there extremely early to avoid the crowds and get the best picks of everything available. I cannot wait for a spinach pupusa! Zeke is excited too. The Farmers Market is his favorite summer activity and he's just as excited as I am! (he gets extremely spoiled there with treats).
Saturday night I finally get to meet Molly! I love meeting blog friends and can't wait to add her to my list of blog friends turned IRL friends. :)

Then, how could I not mention Mother's Day? We are having a BBQ on my grandmother's farm and I'm pretty excited! A good old fashioned BBQ with hamburgers, baked beans and coleslaw sounds amazing right now.

Well, that's what I've got going on. What are you up to this week? Anything fun planned for this weekend?


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I am going to Ottawa this weekend. It's for a business trip but I get to spend Friday/Saturday hanging out with a blog friend so I'm excited for that!!

I think I need to re-read the Something Borrowed series (or at least that book) before I watch the movie. I watched the preview but not a lot of the book was coming back to me!

Heather said...

Kentucky Derby this weekend!!!

I love the Something Borrowed/Blue books. I am so worried the movie is not going to be as good as the books (as is always the case), so I think I am going to have to pass on seeing it

Kara said...

Ahh, I LOVE Emily Giffin's books and can't wait to watch the movie! I just need to find someone to go with, lol.

For now, I'm watching Water for Elephants with my mom tomorrow night, and the big ol' Bachelorette/Birthday party is this weekend. Whew!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I actually have not read that series of books. I should check them out! I didn't know they were making a movie based on one of them. I hope it lives up to your expectations!

You have a really fun weekend on deck! Mine should be fun, too. I am going to a ballet with a girlfriend on Friday night. Studying Saturday. Sunday afternoon I have a friend's baby shower and then I am stopping by my aunt & uncle's house for a bit. I am bummed that I won't be with my mom/grandma on Mother's day, but out of town trips are not possible right now with the test fast approaching...

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Meeting blog friends is so fun! When I drive through your town on the way to CA we should meet up!