Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NIagara Falls or bust!

Today's the big day! We're leaving very late tonight, probably around 11pm. The reason for that is I did not want to get to our destination in the dark and I didn't want to stop halfway there to sleep. My sister and her friend offered to drive the first shift, and I took them up on that offer!

We're taking my car because it gets the best gas mileage. It usually gets around 28 miles per gallon on the highway, which should equal to about $75 per person in gas... Pretty cheap trip!

These maps ended up being so small, but you get the gist! On the way there I think we are going to drive north of Lake Erie and go through Detroit. I have never been there and neither has my sister and her friend. Pretty sure my friend has...
PS: It totally feels like I'm going on a family vacation where we get to bring a friend! I have never done a trip like this with my sister and we each have a respective 'friend'.

On the way back we will drive south of the lake and go through Cleveland possibly down to Akron? Just depends. I feel like I have been to Cleveland before.... but, I'm not sure. With my old job I was in so many cities but really didn't see much more than the airport and the mall where the store I was working at was located.
It's still kind of shocking to me that it's less than 900 miles away! It feels so far away. We haven't booked our hotel, because we want to play it by ear which is making me a little nervous... but at the same time, I'm excited! It was so easy to get a hotel booked through Priceline on my phone, I'm figuring I can just do that again.

We're also planning on spending one night in Toronto, since it's so close. I hear Toronto is expensive, but I think we can handle it for one night!

Anyway, I have a million little things to do today (starting with a job interview! Fingers crossed!).

I will be blogging over the next few days (probably) and I promise I will be taking tons of pictures (and maybe videos...).

Are you a fan of road trips? What's your most memorable trip?


Nikki said...

Wave at me when you're on I94 driving through Battle Creek, MI! Hope you guys have a safe & fun trip.

Lesli said...

My favorite road trip is to Mackinac Island which I BELIEVE is about 8 hours, but then you cross into Michigan and the time changes so maybe it is 9 hours. Or 7 hours? I am bad at math! :-)

But honestly I like flying to my destination the best.

Have a WONDERFUL time! Drive safe.


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I can't wait to hear all about your trip! I've been seeing some of your tweets and it sounds like you've been having a ton of fun. If you end up in Cleveland hit the rock n' roll hall of fame.