Sunday, May 15, 2011

Book signings, crazy family members and dating.

What a weekend. Omg, whataweekend!

Friday I headed three hours south to Kansas City with Lesli and her hubby to see Jen Lancaster speak about her new book, Wish You Were Here. It was so much fun, and Jen is just as funny in person! There were definitely plenty of laugh out loud moments. Although, I was feeling extremely guilty while she was speaking because I haven't read any of her books since Bright Lights, Big Ass. :/
Saturday during the day was spent with my mom checking out a couple houses that were available for rent. They were all a no go, though. :(

My sister and I have found one house that we absolutely love, but the price is a little too high so I am currently trying to get the owners to lower it a tad for us... I'm offering to take care of snow removal and lawncare! That's a compromise, right?? ;)

Saturday night was spent with my family, because my cousin is in town. He's in the Army and doesn't get home too often. He has been deployed three times to Iraq (and will probably go back again, this time to Afghanistan - which he wants to go to... badge of honor thing. Whatever. Letsnottalkaboutit). He's only 6 months older than me, so to say we were close growing up is an understatement. We were close. I miss him terribly!

Saturday night after the family time, my cousin, me and my aunt headed to the small bar in town (my grandma and aunt live in a tiny lake town) and had a few drinks. A few drinks quickly turned into four drinks and the conversation quickly grew heated. Remember awhile back I wrote about my aunt leaking some very private information to my sister? Well, that information ended up being completely FALSE (no, I do not have a half sister my parents never told us about) and I was completely PISSED. I have let it go and not said anything, but last night my aunt made a comment about the way my parents raised my sister and I, and I could no longer bite my tongue.

She found out what I had found out she said and it quickly got ugly. I kept my cool. My aunt, however, did not. In my opinion she made a complete fool of herself (in a small town bar! Idiot).

I honestly do not feel bad. Not one bit. I stood up for something that I believed in and held my ground. I don't think I will be spending much time with her in the near future, which is fine with me. The only reason I went the bar was because I wanted to hang out with my cousin. If I had it my way it would have been just him and I, but that would be extremely selfish of me.

I get to take him to the airport tomorrow in Kansas City, so I will have three hours of talking, just him and I. I'm very much looking forward to it. Hopefully we get a picture together, so I can post it on here! :)

Tonight I had a third date with a guy that seems promising so far. We had a good evening and some tasty Mexican food, although I did leave with a funny taste in my mouth. I offered to pay, and HE LET ME. I'm a little taken aback by that, but I'm not going to let it effect what I think of him. It is 2011 after all...

Anyway, that was my weekend. How was yours?


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Ugh sorry to hear about your aunt. That sounds terrible! I'm glad you get some quality 1 on 1 time with your cousin soon, though!

Hmmm, I can see why you were taken aback by the guy letting you pay BUT you did offer. Maybe he's just not into the whole "no, let me", "no, let me" banter that often goes back and forth, ya know? I hate that and find it so awkward! If that's ALL that has a bad taste in your mouth about the date I say you see him again and see how it goes :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is too bad about your aunt. What a sad situation. Good for you for standing up to for yourself, though!

The paying thing is tough. I think that if it was a first date and he let you pay, that'd be different. But I am more of a 'let's take turns' type of person... I get super uncomfortable when the guy pays for everything... But that is just the way I am...

pinkflipflops said...

if you offer to pay, you shouldn't be surprised when someone takes you up on it.

Lesli said...

Book signing was sooo fun! And now you are driving back to KC?!

That was very nice of you to offer to pay for dinner with your date, but I am SHOCKED that he accepted. Hmmmm...

In all my years of dating, I never offered to pay. But maybe that is just me--I am selfish, I guess!