Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekly Weekend Review!

Oh Sunday. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday... How I love to hate you. Monday is just right around the corner and taunting us with it's reports that are due, emails overflowing and projects to get done. Yuck.

Buuuut, I have been on vacation this week and it has be wonderful! Did you guys know I was on vacay? I can't remember if I brought it up. Well, anyway, I was! Except for Tuesday and Wednesday I have been off work since last Sunday. I didn't have anything planned besides some R & R and it was fabulous! Just what the doctor ordered Amber needed! Sometimes it's nice to just have a week to do nothing. Ya, know?

Here is what I did do though! I read lots of books! Not as many as I wanted to get finished, but enough! I read the second, third and fourth books in the Private series by Kate Brian. They are so good! They're quick easy reads (very YA, so if you're not interested in YA, you probably won't like it) but entertaining and I love that I can finish them in about one sitting being that they're only 200-250 pages. I also finished Just Listen by Sarah Dessen and am about 3/4th the way through Lock and Key by her as well.

Friday I had plans for lunch that fell through, but ended up getting my nails manicured instead which is kind of an every other Friday ritual for me. I go the same girl every time and we just chit chat and gossip the entire time! It's really great, because I have been getting my nails done for years (literally, almost ten years now. It's ridiculous how addicted I am) and I have not found anyone as great as she is! She is Asian, but she does not make me feel uncomfortable like most do. She treats you like an old friend.
Then that evening I met up with the girls for happy hour/dinner at TGIFridays then met Cy* for a late movie. We saw The Informant and neither of us were too impressed. I think he felt like he had struck out with me twice now, but it has actually been quite the opposite. So far, the chemistry has been fabulous!

Saturday I slept in, then did nothing all day (tried not to think about work) and then met up with a big group of friends at PF Changs for dinner. Luckily, one of us was thinkin' (no, it wasn't me) and called in a reservation assuming it would be busy (it was) and that still wasn't enough! When we got there it was a 1 1/2 hour wait to get a table for the six of us! We were all starving so we walked next door to On The Border where there wasn't a wait at all. I was disappointed, because I was craving PF Changs (it was my suggestion to go there) but On The Border wasn't too bad either. I will have to get PF Changs to go some night this week. Have any of you had their lettuce wraps to go? Those are what I'm really wanting but I get the feeling they just won't be the same wrapped up and sent home!
The entire evening at dinner Cy was texting me little updates on the ISU Homecoming game which was really sweet because it wasn't televised! We won! 24-10! Our season hasn't been too great so it feels to at least win our Homecoming game! :)

Sunday I got up around 9:30, threw on a KU (my other fav team after ISU) sweatshirt because I wasn't allowed to wear ISU gear and headed out to do one of my favorite activities on Sunday! The infamous Sunday Funday! Can that be called an activity? If not, oh well. I am now calling it an activity! Ha! My old roommate and I headed out to Front Row for bloody marys, omelettes, football and gossip. Ok, so not so much football and lots of gossip, but you get the idea. Front Row is a famous Iowa Hawkeyes bar, which is ISU's biggest rival so that is why I am not allowed to wear ISU gear in there. I have before and I was not a very well liked person, so usually I just wear it underneath my KU apparel. Muwahahahaaaa! :) At Front Row, I ended up having two bloody mary's instead of just my usual one (the bloody mary bar is to die for, they have everything you could ever want to put in it. Its awesome!) and then a couple of beers. I was feelin' preeeeettty good by the time I left. Let's just say I'm suffering from a mid-day hangover right about now. The nap I took once I got home was probably not the best idea. I had fun though!

Tomorrow it's back to the daily grind but I'm actually a little excited! I can't wait to get in there and see how my team did without me this week!

So, that is what my weekend consisted of! How was yours? What did you guys do?

*Cy is the nickname I have come up with for the new guy I am seeing! He seems to be making regular appearances here at ALPITC so it was time I came up with a name for him! Like me, he also went to ISU and is a huge Cyclone fan so what name could be more perfect than Cy? :)


Sam said...

I'm jealous you went to On the Border. We used to go there all the time when we lived in Texas, but there isn't one in Missouri :( I'm so glad you are having a great time with Cy! And boo KU! :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I had no idea you were on vacation! Glad you enjoyed your time off. I know that's the greatest feeling, knowing you don't have a ton of stuff to do!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Isn't it great being home when you are on vacation? I did that between jobs and loved it.

Love the nickname. Very clever. Plus Cy could stand for Cyber since you met him online, correct?

My weekend was ok. Ended on a sour note. Things tanked w/ the new guy. Post to come tomorrow morning w/ a pretty brief explanation. I am disappointed, but I'll bounce back.

Lesli said...

On The Border is Eric's favorite restaurant. He drags me there every time we are in WDM and also whenever we are in California. We don't have them up here.

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Eeeeeks I'm so glad you are getting into the Private series! :)