Saturday, October 3, 2009

A visit from the boss and some great new boots!

I don't know what has come over me lately! All I seem to be doing is shopping and making all these impulse buys!!

Today I decided to pull out the winter boots because it's COLD here! They're my favorite boots because they have a tall heel and are still pretty comfortable. Well, I was wrong today. I guess I'm going to have to "break them in" again for the fall/winter. About 3 1/2 hours into my shift I had to go buy new shoes, there was no way I was going to make it. Conveniently, Aldo is directly across the hall from us so I bought these little beauties! I LOVE Aldo. I really wish we had an Aldo Accessories store in my mall because I love their accessories, but we don't. :(

Aren't they cute? The picture, which is just a screenshot from the Aldo website, doesn't really do them justice! They're perfect for work because it's just enough heel so I don't feel like such a shorty but they're not too much heel so my feet don't hurt! What do you guys think?
I truly felt I deserved these shoes!! We have had a great week at work! Currently, we are up over 60% for the week from last year and today alone I was up over 100%! WOW! It's so flippin' awesome, I love it! I had a visit from boss today too and it went well, gotta love that! Annnnnnd, I'm off tomorrow! I don't usually get a random Saturday off unless it's my weekend off so this is a treat! I don't really have planned besides doing some laundry, some reading (reading Tori Spelling's first book!) and maybe Jillian Michael's Shred. I need to go the grocery store, but I'm so spoiled by shopping on random weekdays so if I go on a weekend day I just can't handle the crowds. Tonight, after I got off work one of my assistant managers and I went to see The Invention of Lying. It was different, but had me laughing out loud a few times!
I'm not off Sunday, so that's a bummer but I'm off by 5 so I will be in my pjs by 5:30 on the couch. :) What are you guys up to this weekend?


Kandace said...

I want those boots! I have been looking for something similar here, but they all have something I don't like: too narrow of a heel, too high/short of a heel, extra buckles or buttons or studs, etc. They look perfect. i'm jealous, i want them.

Anonymous said...

Love the boots!!! Hope your having a great weekend girl! = )

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love those boots! I have been thinking about getting some new black shoes - maybe I should get those! But... I did buy 2 pairs of shoes yesterday... so maybe I need to hold off for awhile.

I've been going on shopping sprees lately. Basically needed a new wardrobe for this job. I get kind of sick when i think of the amount of money I've spent, but i just keep telling myself that it's an investment.. and you have to dress the part at a new job!

I don't have too much going on this weekend. I am doing a 10 mile race tomorrow that I am nervous/excited for!

Enjoy your well deserved day off! And that is awesome that your store is doing so well!! Go you!

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

Cute boots!! This weekend, I am currently nursing a hangover from last night's Louisville football game, working at the bank until two, and then going home... probably taking a nice long nap... and doing absolutely nothing. :)

pinkflipflops said...

those are cute boots!

Lys said...

Those boots are very cute! This weekend, I'm still unpacking, referreeing the menagerie known as the Pug/Cat wars and watching the premiere of Next Iron Chef - not exciting but with friends & family coming in the next week, I figure I better enjoy the downtime now, right?

Lesli said...

Boots are really cute!!

Remember the cute flower ring I got at the Aldo Accessories Store when we were at the Mall of America? Still love it!