Thursday, October 29, 2009


Good afternoon, friends! :)

I know many of you use Twitter and I am trying to bulk up my list of followers and people I am following. I keep my tweets locked for personal reasons but know that this probably hinders my chances at creating a bigger following.

Do any of you keep your tweets locked? What suggestions do you have for finding more followers? Do you reply to people that don't follow you, but you follow them? I have several that I comment on, on a regular basis but they must not check their replies and follow those people.

If someone requests to follow me I almost always approve (unless it's a spammer) and then turn around and follow them. I obviously don't expect this to happen with the celebrities, but it's cool when they do! Like Britney Spears turned around and followed me! How cool! I'm sure it's not actually HER but still, pretty neat and made me grin! :)

If you are interested in following me here is the link to my page! Amber's Twitter page! I've been checking it and tweeting a lot more than Facebook lately and am becoming quickly addicted! :)


Lesli said...

Mine are private and locked too--I currently have 111 followers--it fluctuates a little. I think I follow 98 people although I recently edited some people out. I am pretty sure when I comment to people like Christina Applegate that she is not even reading what I say--ha! But that's okay. Also, if someone follows me, I do not necessarily follow them unless I think they are interesting.

MrsB said...

im totally addicted to twitter. follow me back (@mrsbenedict) ♥

Kari said...

Hey! I will start following you (@kariannalysis). We got on Twitter around February right before all the craze started. It is very helpful in the newsroom. You wouldn't believe how many people send us tips on stories and I've actually met a lot of local people.

I do have mine open to the public, because that is a way to get more followers. When I first signed up, I would follow everyone who follows me, but now it's to the point where there are 900+ people that I follow and it's hard to keep up with everyone. I do weed out people daily. If someone writes a lot of posts with links and I can tell they are spam or I just don't have any interest in their tweets, I'll unfollow.

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I locked my tweets because I was getting too much spamming and when Eric moved away I didn't feel totally comfortable with ANYONE reading my tweets!

I would just say keep following people and your following will grow. As you use it more it will help. I like it WAY more than facebook now!

Shoshanah said...

I'm on twitter, but I don't use it very often. If you're curious my twitter name is ShoshanahG

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I keep my tweets locked too! If it's someone from blogland I'll add them.

Beth Dunn said...

I just followed you. You'll find the more you follow the more will follow you (or will try) but they may get intimidated by the approval process. Don't worry it takes a while to build up a group. and unless they have tweet deck they may not see your mentions of them. I'm still learning too. xoxo


Kyla Roma said...

Just found your blog through wearing mascara- I used to have a private twitter account and just opened it up recently. I'll request an add!

For me, blogging and social media is all about sharing. Having that stumbling block doesn't really protect me from anything and I would rather make it easy for people to judge if they'd like to be in touch. But that's just me!

marisol said...

I tried locking my tweets but then I couldn't interact with the people that don't follow me because they don't see my tweets. I keep them unlocked now.

The new addition of lists helps or even the Follow Friday's helps with finding new people to follow. It also helps to to have more details on your Twitter profile so people who want to follow you know more about you.